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  1. This happens to me all the time. No hits all day but then I look over the soft plastic and there's the tell-tale marks: 3-4 gashes about 1/8 inch or so apart. Deep and clean like a razor blade cut, not rubbing like hook rash.
  2. So what kind of "pattern" is iceman giving away on the internets when he sees two flash bulbs go off from across the lake and catches zero fish himself? I've got better spots to waste time fishing.
  3. If they don't want any fish transported, they better think about changing Rule #9: All 40" muskies must be taken immediately to nearest witness not in your boat for measurement and release. (Note the words "taken immediately". To me that means "transported.")
  4. "All 40" muskies must be taken immediately to nearest witness not in your boat for measurement and release." (from rules page) = time out of the water
  5. Supposedly the sections above Pool 1 are called Pool A and Pool B. "A" runs from the Coon Rapids dam to the first lock, "B" is between the locks (think Stone Arch Bridge), and Pool 1 starts after the lower lock. A DNR survey showed flatheads up through Pool B. None were sampled from "A". Cool report if you want to find where different species are: State Wildlife Grant Final Report Status and critical habitat of rare fish species in the Mississippi River from the Coon Rapids Dam to the Iowa border Konrad Schmidt (Nongame Fish Program) Nick Proulx (Bio-criteria Development Program) Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Ecological Resources 9 March 2009
  6. Dang. Thought you'd caught a biggun by the deep woods off Route 40.
  7. Figured you were having a little fun with it.
  8. The fly angler I can accept, but a Packer? ;-)
  9. Any update on these monsters? Pics of mounts?
  10. Carpman, are you using a floating jig to get the waxies off the bottom? Or just letting it lay in the muck? There's so much leaf debris in inlet areas like that in the spring. Half the time I sit there with a clump of leaves covering the bait and don't even know it.
  11. Nice early season carp. Corn?
  12. Great info as always, thanks!!! Straight/slow retrieve on the Zip lures? Or jigging? (I've never tried these for stream trout.)
  13. Awesome story! This is what fishing's about.
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