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  1. Bjjams

    Shopping around and....

    The new Rubicon has a lot of good things going for it, looks not so much. It is efi, irs, diff lock, disc brakes and high low range hondamatic or manual. Now all they need to do is up the cc's. To me it looks much better in the white and black versions. I think if they would have kept the headlight from the previous model it wouldn't look so much like a sportsman.
  2. Bjjams

    Places for new tires

    Rocky Mtn Atv. They price match anyone on the web and no sales tax.
  3. Bjjams

    Which Baffin boots for freezing cold, hole hopping ?

    I have the Eiger, a lot like the impacts but shorter. They are bulky but aren't real heavy and are super comfortable. I only like to wear them if the it's below freezing or my feet get too hot.
  4. Bjjams

    Driveway Options

    Personally I wouldn't use class 5. Too much dust from the fines. You'll never have a clean car again. Crushed concrete and asphalt(class 6) will also be dusty. If we're my driveway I'd look at class 2. Mostly it's crushed granite in my area but it will hold up as good class 5/6 but won't be nearly as messy. It is more expensive though. Either way you will have maintenance until you pave it. Your goal is just to limit the amount. It sucks having to clean up sand but at least it's better than a dusty garage.
  5. Bjjams

    Prop guard

    I think I'm going to try the Mac's river runner. I'm a little nervous about drilling into the skeg though. Do the holes need to be repaired if I decide to take it off?
  6. Bjjams

    Prop guard

    Would a "rock hopper", "river runner" style be more useful and protective than the circular "prop saver" kind? I was talking with a co-worker who said only get one of the circular guards, the plate ones don't help enough. Sounds like that's the style some of you are using with success though. I like the idea of a homemade one, not sure I want a pitchfork on the back of the motor though! After some googling I saw some decent homemade circular guards that are cost friendly.
  7. Bjjams

    Prop guard

    Yeah a jet would be ideal but not gonna happen this year, or next! I'm not too concerned about power loss unless it's that significant. What I don't want to do is put on the prop guard and have that be just another thing broken by those mystery rocks that pop out of nowhere. I may just save the 140$ and put it towards a new prop or skeg if/when the time comes.
  8. Bjjams

    Prop guard

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent prop guard? I fish the Mississippi a lot and since I upgraded to a 25 mariner last year, I’m little worried about hitting rocks and gravel. I never went fast enough with my old motor to matter. Does anyone have experience with Mac’s prop savers? I’m not sure whether to get the one that loops and connects to cavitation plate or one that connects to the skeg and protects the bottom only.
  9. Bjjams

    winch problem

    If I remember right the polaris winch is a re-branded warn. Around that time they bad contactors and have since had a big recall where you get a new contactor for free. Might be worth looking into.
  10. Bjjams

    Best tires in deep snow?

    I've got over 3500 miles on my bighorns and they are maybe half worn. Highly doubt the Duro's even come close to that mileage. Great tire for the snow. Sidewalls are decently stiff so you can air them down and float even better. Rocky mountain atv usually has good prices and free shipping.
  11. Bjjams

    Which boot is warmer?

    Baffin does make a good boot. I got a pair of the Eigen a couple years ago and I really like them. They area basically like the Impacts but shorter. Was out ice fishing in -25 this year and the only thing not cold was my feet. They're fairly light weight too. I don't like to wear them if the temps are above freezing as my feet get too hot.
  12. Bjjams

    Wheel opinions

    Can't go wrong with any of them. I have a set of MSA and they have taken a pretty good beating from rocks and held up well. I think ITP's still offer lifetime warranty which is nice but realistically if you hit something hard enough to hurt the wheel you've got bigger problems on your hands. Pick whichever one you think will look the best.
  13. Bjjams

    F-150 New Tires

    I have BFG AT's on my 04 silverado for the last 2 winters and they have been great in the snow. I rarely ever use 4wd on roads. I'm not so sure on tread life. They seem to be wearing down a little faster than I like but the traction has been worth it. Not too noisy on highways. I didn't notice a drop in MPG coming from goodyear silent armors.
  14. Bjjams


    Kymco actually makes a couple of the low end Arctic cat models. Has for a few years already.
  15. Bjjams

    Advice for Buying a Used Side by Side

    Stay away from Joyner. They made a big push awhile ago and they never caught on. If you're thinking knock-off Kymco and CF moto would be the only way to go and even then I wouldn't get that old of one. Personally I would look for an older ranger or rhino. You may have problems but at least you'd have some dealer support.