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  1. Found about 20 yesterday in Ottertail county so it's on here
  2. I found a road kill otter last summer and got a dnr tag for it. It was in good shape so I got it tanned. I know it's summer fur and slippage may be an issue but it looks pretty good and I'd still like to have it made into a hat. Anyone know somebody that makes hats for an affordable price?
  3. Yep, had both fences and sticks cause vet bills, got a skid plate 2 years ago and seems to help protect the chest, although it almost drowned her fetching roosters across a river. Great for dry ground not for water
  4. Check out Seward fish company, capt Randy is a good guy and his boat the "rogue" is awesome. Ask if he is he's doin any night trips- we crushed the butts and ling a couple years ago and rolled into the docks at 6 am with a overfull box including a couple 90lbers.
  5. You can put a bright big floater on like a musky size lure, big husky jerk or kwickfish and run back 100 feet and it won't dive until you close the bail. That'll give a visual idea of how far back, then switch to your lures of choice. Flickers and shads have been working great for me lately. Tail dancer deeps are fun to play with as well. The trolling game is a blast!
  6. I love having a pizazz pizza cooker, coffee pot and a weber grill
  7. I have a 7x17 that weighs about 3000 lbs
  8. Do a search for Bulgogi, it's a Korean glazed steak recipe and even vegetarians will eat it. Otherwise onion soup mix and a can of beer with a roast and some potatoes, onions, carrots and celery in the crockpot.
  9. Drive the echo trail and walk off the spurs. Check out a few boat landings and better yet walk some boundary waters portages and hiking trails. Good luck.
  10. Pocket full of rocks always helps for marking birds in the water,a lot cheaper than throwing shells. Some treats for rewards and a camo float vest are good to have as well. Otherwise experience is the best teacher, especially without other dogs and hunters as distractions
  11. Heading up for a wedding in Bayfield this weekend and am bring my via w/ downriggers. Never fished the apostles and am interested in knowing if anybody is doing well lately, any particular depths or lure choices/ colors? Either way I'm sure the scenery will be great and hope the weather will cooperate. Also wondering if there's any lake run browns to be had in the Brule? Appreciate any help, good luck to all who venture.
  12. Found a few huge morels in ely yesterday, cooked em up w Shorelunch. Hoping to find a few more before its all over.
  13. Glad to hear you filled some coolers and saw some sights!
  14. We were at trampled also, great show. Might go see them at the state fair Aug 29.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the info. Getting a new laptop so ill be working on backing my old stuff up.
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