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  1. Haven't been out there this winter but we're still picking up an occasional walleye where we do fish and in normal years, we don't get walleye this time of year. There's still around a foot of ice on most lakes and the snow on them is pretty much gone. You can drive on most of them if you're brave but I'm not very brave anymore, 4 wheeler is my choice. I'd recommend some sort of ice grippers for your boots, the ice is pretty slick and hard to walk on without them. Good luck out there!!
  2. By the weekend you should be seeing 4 to 6 inches depending on when it froze over. Some of the earlier ice is worse than the newer stuff due to around 6" of wet heavy snow that fell on it. Just have to be careful out there and check the ice often.
  3. Not to highjack your thread Perchking but Boar, what was it you liked about the Nikon over the Leupold? Had a Leupold VX-1 on my last rifle and really liked it but I'm in the market for a new scope (sold the old rifle.)
  4. Haven't got much to report, I sold the boat a month ago and haven't been out but the good news is my wife authorized me getting a new one but it won't be until spring. We'll be going to the Minneapolis boat show in January and putting in our order shortly after that. I did just talk to a friend of mine and he said he's been getting walleyes in shallower water the last week in the evenings along drop-offs and weed beds using a jig and minnow. My son in law has also been doing pretty good trolling cranks lately. They both agreed that they're moving into their fall patterns and are starting to g
  5. Haven't had a lot of luck out there lately but did pretty good earlier in the year. If you can afford it, I'd hire a guide for half a day, those guys spend lots of time out there and know what's working and at what depth they're at. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  6. Had a great time but it was a little long for the kids and the wreck that was in 20 fow was hard to see, the water was a little cloudy but I'd recommend it. Weather was great, not too warm and the winds were light.
  7. Thanks Drew, we put it to a vote and the kids voted for the glass bottom boat. I'll report back Wednesday and let you know how we liked it.
  8. We want to take the grandkids on a day trip and looking for advice on what others here have done. Right now we're looking at a boat tour around the islands but I noticed they offer a glass bottom boat tour of ship wrecks. That sounded kind of interesting and I think it's something the kids would like. BTW, they're 8 and 15 year olds girls and a 4 year old boy. Looking at the weather forecast, Tuesday looks like the best day and would a week day limit the tours they offer? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I don't think I'll be backing it in at 30 mph. I did mention to the carpenter that'll be putting in the new door to get me as much clearance as he can when he frames it in since the height with the windshield appeared to be around 82".
  10. I've got the Garmin Montana but it wasn't cheap. It's got the bigger screen and I can mount it in my truck for a travel GPS or fit it into my pocket for hunting or walking out on thin ice. If you wanted to spend a little extra, you'd have a multipurpose unit.
  11. I've never been to the Minneapolis boat show before but I'm guessing most of the trailer manufacturers are there along with the electronics people so I can check them each out. Is that right?
  12. I have the QAD on mine and I love it, really tight groups.
  13. We don't have the boat yet, we're going to the boat show in Minneapolis in January and then we'll be ordering it shortly after that. Right now I'm leaning towards a roller trailer, that's what I have now and I really like it.
  14. The height of my garage door is 7' and from what I can see, with the full windshield, from the floor to the top of the windshield is close to 83". I was worried about the width so I'm changing the 9 foot door to a 10 footer but never thought about the height. Garage has an 8 foot ceiling and you need a foot to open the door so going with an 8 foot high door isn't an option.
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