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  1. moccasinboy

    Lakemaster software?

    That is a product made by Garmin, so you need to pose that question to their customer service.
  2. moccasinboy

    navionics vs. lakemaster

    401TE LakeMaster's compatibility list indicates that both the 520C and LCX27C are compatible. Perhaps you need a Lowrance software update? Moccasinboy
  3. moccasinboy

    Voyageurs National Park

    Explorer, remember that the LakeMaster digital chart has both US and Canadian water, shore to shore, on the Kab chain. The entire Kab chain is on both the Woods/Rainy card and the Minnesota card in high defintion.
  4. moccasinboy

    Lakemaster 2009

    LakeMaster will begin shipping to retailers on Friday. You should see product on shelves the week before the opener. On the LM HSOforum, click on any of the icons at the top of the homepage and you'll be able to seek the 2009 lake lists.
  5. moccasinboy

    looking for an adult Springer

    I recently lost my English Springer and am looking for another. My job requires lots of travel, and most of the time I can bring my dog. But, I can't bring a puppy. Anyone know of a young adult Springer available? This will be a hunting dog. Thanks.
  6. moccasinboy

    Todays Fishing Media Personalities

    I think I could learn a lot and enjoy the day with Van Dam or Stange but no one has mentioned a Canadian fellow name Ytalo Labignon. His show was, I think, Canadian Sportfishing and he fished for all the fish we northern guys like, a biologist, often fished with kids and many times got out of the boat and waded when called for. Really nice seeming fella.
  7. You bet. I just turned 60 and expect to hunt 'em yet this winter, now that bird hunting is done. Squirrel hunts were my first solo hunts. Wish I still had that single shot .22!
  8. moccasinboy

    Dog and Changes

    Captain BRK, All the replies I read are good and right on. Here's my personal take. I have a Springer going on 15. She and I just spent the NYE weekend hunting pheasants in SD and MN. Rain, sleet, snow and she was still going. She's slowed down some but so have I. She can't hear me anymore and as a result of that and perhaps memory loss she sometime hunts off on her own for awhile, but then I don't hit every bird she flushes either. She is my companion and hunting partner. There are kenneling costs, vet costs (she's the Tim the Toolman of the Vet's office), dog breath, etc. but, a dog is the definition of loyal. Unlike people, your dog never acknowledges your screw-ups and mistakes. I could be wrong, but I believe you will never regret the decision to add a dog to the family.
  9. I stayed in Webster over the NYE weeknd, pheasant hunting. Motels were full with ice fishermen. No one bragging about the fishing though. Some reports of walleyes on Waubay overheard at a diner. Open water along side Hwy 12 between Waubay and Webster. Saw no trucks on ice, some atv's. Rainy/snow Fri & Sat. Good luck.
  10. moccasinboy

    Western tag $$$$ is crazy!!!

    I agree, the NR fees are getting to be huge rip-offs. I also agree that MN should do a quid pro quo & apply that state's NR to RES fee ratio to our fee structure, maybe when those state's residents went back home they register some complaints to their legislature. Worst of all, if you go west to hunt big game you're hunting on public land we all own. How about if they charge whatever they want to NR's to hunt private land but we all pay the same to hunt public (federal) land. Seems like grounds for a lawsuit somewhere there.
  11. moccasinboy

    North Dakota Fighting Sioux (name the new team name)

    The Fighting Non-residents, but if they're not born in ND they can only play 10 days of each season, in succession or 2 sets of 5.
  12. moccasinboy

    ? about Binoculars

    $300 will get you a very good binocular. First decision is size. Compact reduces light and field of view because objective lens is smaller. Second decision is magnification. Higher magnification reduces light and field of view unless the objective lens gets bigger, also the higher the magnif. the more movement will be exagerated. A 5 to 1 ratio of obj. lens size to mag. is optimum for light delivery (eg 7x35, 8x40, 10x50 etc.) A compact bincoular cannot maintain this ratio and still be compact. Higher quality glass and coatings can partially compensate for this. That's what drives up the cost, not magnification. I would reccomend a midsize Leupold roof prism (the prisms are in a straight line as opposed to the standar 'dogleg' shape in a porro prism) 8x42. Go to a good retailer like Gander or Cabella's and look through a bunch before deciding.
  13. moccasinboy

    Handgun Question

    comments re handgun purchases... 1. while all pistols are handguns, not all handguns are pistols--there are semiautomatic pistols (eg Glock 9mm) and revolvers (eg S&W .44 Rem Mag) 2. applying for a permit to purchase is a very small inconvenience and its good for one year, and its free 3. the background check done by retailers is done at the time of purchase and only takes minutes, if you're delayed count on that happening everytime you purchase a firearm and allow for it 4. private party transactions require neither of the above checks