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  1. I got a Droid X last week and love it. I notice I get a lot of pop-up ads....movie trailers..etc. Is there a setting or a app that would help eliminate these? Thanks. Cliffy
  2. Just upgraded to the Droid X yesterday. Seems like a pretty neat phone. Curious to hear from those of you that have the same phone and what apps are a must have. Thanks. Cliffy
  3. Yeah, its just the state sticker...not the trail permit or the registration numbers. I hate calling the DMV...they are always so busy. I just may run up there tomorrow on my lunch break and see what they say. Thanks ChuckN
  4. Thanks for the info, at that price, I might as well just do it.
  5. Quick question. I went for a ride this afternoon and my MN State registration sticker fell off. Not my numbers..but the little sticker that the state sends ya. I still have one on the other side of the sled so that is good. Can a person buy a duplicate? I went to the MN DVS/DNR websites and couldn't find my answer...I could only find info on registering or renewing. Anyone else ever had this problem. Thanks. Cliffy
  6. I will 2nd the Canon 10-22. I use it with a 7D.
  7. Agreed. Elements is pretty simple and does a nice job.
  8. I once had one chase a bucktail back to the boat like a torpedo....sort freaked me out. I consider them one of the blessings of living in lakes country. I enjoy listening to them...and I normally have my DSLR and big zoom lens in the boat in case I have an encounter.
  9. Great pic. He looks like he is packing on the pounds for winter.
  10. Thanks for the input. At this point, I am thinking of adding the 24-70 f2.8L to my collection...but when reading the reviews on certain sites, I see a lot of people complaining of getting a "bad copy". Makes me a little gun shy on pulling the trigger. The 24-105F4L IS would be more versatile in my kit....but the same sites have reviews about its limitations indoors. I am open to suggestions on other brands that would work with the 7D. Thanks Cliffy
  11. I currently shoot a Canon 7d and have the 70-200mm L Lens..and love it. However, I often find its a little to much lens for what I want to be shooting. Meaning, I have to back up further then I want in order to capture the scene I am shooting. I also have the Canon 10-22mm lens. Once again, I love the lens but sometimes its not enough. I also have the fantastic plastic 50mm lens...very fun lens but sometimes not enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on a very good zoom lens that goes between the 10-22 and the 70-200...overlapping those areas isn't a big deal. Trying to keep the budget around 1k or less. Anyone have experience with the canon 24-70mm or the 24-105mm? Thanks Cliffy
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