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  1. no where. h20 is not compatible with Lakemaster. Your only option is Navionics Permium North Region. new lowrance chips won't even work in that unit. maybe Johnsons will get that there's a wide open market for Lakemaster if they developed a handheld gps. I would take the 1st unit for thinking of it!
  2. Nice.....like it! What are you filming with? I use a canon XL1S camo. I got drawn for Sd...wished I had time and $$$ to do both Dakotas. Tip I learned....try to keep moving grass, stalks, and husks away from lens...it causes cameras to catch focus on it. hopefully I can get my footage edited and figure out how to add tunes soon. I watched a DVD I made and then couldn't stand wishin' I could go 'fowlin. thanks for sharing your footage. Brian Fowl~n~Eyes
  3. GLX 721, haven't tried the new NRX yet.
  4. How are the Eskimo's in the wind. Those are about 7 ft. tall set up right?
  5. What's lakes are fishable? How much ice? And did you stay dry doing it?
  6. Alright....I forgot my password again. That's too bad to hear that natural reproduction hasn't taken off on Waubay. Are there any annual walleye surveys done on the lake by the Game and Parks/Game Wardens besides creel surveys (which can be far from accurate). It would be interesting if those eyes really put on some inches and make it over the slot. Similar to what happened to many walleyes in Mille Lacs Lake in MN. Most people I know complain about slots, but I just grin and be glad that slots kept enough fish there that you could enjoy catching 25-30 walleyes a day over 20 inches just
  7. First Ice, If it had line on it...it was in the hotel room thawing out. I had everything locked up tight under the topper! It's too bad that people have to mess with others gear....that's about as low as someone could go! Which hotel parking lot was that at? The bunkhouse? [This message has been edited by IceEyes (edited 01-21-2003).]
  8. Scott, Which area of the lake did you find 25 ft. I thought 22 ft. was the deepest? How deep did you find the crappies? Those perch are fun huh? One of the few places I caught so many 15 inch 'eyes that I was frustrated with catching them. Froze the hell out of my hands....they still haven't thawed out!
  9. How fast do the walleyes in Waubay grow? 3-4 inches a year? Have there been walleyes stocked or is it being left to reproduce on it's own?
  10. Sportsman's cove said the crappies were biting on the NW side, but the crappies were small. Sounded like the pike were hitting the tip-ups pretty hard as well. That's on Pickeral Lake. [This message has been edited by IceEyes (edited 01-21-2003).]
  11. They bit when it was -10 below. They probably will again. Be ready when they are or you'll miss out. I got a limit real quick and guys 10 ft. away got 1 or 2. Same bait same lures. Different rods.
  12. I drilled through 18 inches over the weekend. I could have driven the truck out.
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