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  1. In southern mn just topped the tank off at $1.36 and contracted in the first of july for $1.42 must be paid in 7 days or its .05 higher . my supplier has a keep fill program which they top of tank once a month from oct to end feb this works good know need to call and no big bill Terry
  2. bought mine in 04 400 max the first year they came out. I still have the original battery and not one problem on till now voltage reg is acting up. Would like to buy new one someday with bigger motor so i can put tracks on it for ice fishing. Great machines couldn,t be happier Terry
  3. The wife was good to me under armuor,gopher shirt,Wild sweatshirt and a nice $50 dollar bottle of Tequila now could somebody help me of up of the floor? just hope everybody has wonderful holiday Terry
  4. My brother just picked this up 700 carb , camo ,polaris plow ,and warn 2.5 winch ,polaris diamond plate rear box it has just over 500 miles on it is 4,000 a good price? also did this model come with badland xtr's on it? thanks in advance Terry
  5. this was long ago and in the summer my dad bought his first boat a new 1969 mirrorcraft so we took it to a local lake for its maiden voyage we were boating around and there was a guy driving his amphi-car on the water witch was a site in itself but when got back to the landing there was a car in the water up to the roof with two hippies sitting on the roof my dad asked what happened they thought they could drive on the water to. look back now and wander what they were on Terry
  6. This is a very common problem with can am's check the battery ground cable i had same problem read about it on another site and found it loose good luck Terry
  7. just another good reason to use a srikemaster electric sure is quiet Terry
  8. I bought mine last year and really like it a gas auger was not a option since i drive a suv gas smell inside would not go well with the better half also is quiet so so for me its the best option Terry
  9. I have otter lodge it has a plastic slot so i bouhgt a plastic file holder .99 put 2 inch mailbox letters on it so its flexible and waterproof works great plus you get color choices
  10. valv I have a i/o my cover has elastic strap that goes down to hooks on splash rail if this is similar type i will take I live south of austin mn let me know call me at 507-438-9688 thanks Terry
  11. bought my first perch sweetheart at the ice show talk to Matt great salesman oh yea love the rod
  12. I bought the 7" auger last year and works great no gas smell and best of all it's Quiet. no complaints at all
  13. Love the sat. radio for my truck and the cover for my otter lodge $250 to spend on h20c or new flasher hard decission can't wait till thursday heading to the cabin for fishing and coctails. hope every one has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  14. wall_guy 101 go to otter outdoors click on contact us email Mandy H. I had bent pole they sent new one had it in couple days. Great customer service!
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