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  1. Anyone out there been fishing on the Manitou this year?
  2. From my experience the GST tax must be broken out on your bill. You have a year from date of invoice to claim on it. The best move is to call the Canadian number listed on the site and ask them. It worked for me. Good luck.
  3. Does anyone know if the ice is out on the upper and lower Manitou?
  4. Hoffer: Yes there are Walleye on the Manitou but to find numbers you need to head up toward the Upper Manitou. After years of searching this body of water I am beginning to find numbers. It does take time however to find the right spots. Minnow Gulp baits work well on these fish. The ones I have caught have been large with the smallest being 18 inches. I have spoken with others who have also caught a few on the Lower Manitou as well. I am willing to bet that if I fished it enough, I could catch Walleye in Glass Bay. I think the numbers are there. The challenge is the water. As you me
  5. Anyone on the Manitou have an update on the weather up there? I am hoping the Bass will start moving to the beds soon on the big lake. Thanks
  6. Similar, How was your trip last week? Did your trip to the Manitou bring you any Muskies? How was the weather? I was thinking of going back up there in mid October.
  7. Outfitter17, This is great to hear. What did your dad catch all those Walleye on? Live bait?
  8. Thanks for the report. Was in Mosher in mid-June and caught a 22 inch Walleye. We did see larger fish under the boat however. I wish these Walleye would move down to the Lower Manitou. Plenty of bait fish for them to eat.
  9. Were the Walleye caught in Mosher Bay or in the Lower Manitou? Thanks
  10. Similarlsland, I was up on the Manitou last week and the water level seemed to be close to normal level. The weeds were coming up and were thick in places like Calder Bay. The fishing was great for big fish. My friends and I boated some nice Muskies and saw a ton more. We even caught our first Manitou Walleye. The bass were tougher to catch but when we found them they were good size.
  11. Outfitter17, What new lakes are you looking to open portages on for next year? Thanks,
  12. I have taken many young men up to the Manitou and the one lure you should have is a Mepps #5 Sliver Blade spinner with a bucktail. Just have your sons keep casting that and they will catch a lot of fish. Another great lure to use is a 5 inch Kalin "cotton candy" collored grub. Make sure you buy 1/4 oz. darter jig heads for this bait. All you have to do is cast and retreive. Outfitter17 should be able to tell you where to go and what to use. I would spend a lot of time in Esox. That part of the lake has great Bass fishing and giant Muskie. Also make sure you get a good map. Let me kno
  13. Similar Island: Great pictures! How was the fishing in Mosher Bay? That is a long run.
  14. Frydog21: I have caught two 40 plus inch Muskies on 8 lb. test on the Manitou. You have to be lucky and good because you are not using a leader. A good casting reel here pays off. Watch your drag. Same thing with Northern.
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