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  1. Whats everyone's thoughts on this new feature? https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/ais-in-the-boating-app/
  2. Do you love to share? Now you can easily do that through the Boating app, which includes new features for sharing. Exchange all your archive items in GPX format with friends, and easily share any location on the map with detailed info and coordinates. https://www.navionics.com/fin/blog/post/new-gpx-import-export-and-more-for-sharing-in-the-boating-app/http://
  3. I personally used to big a jig fisherman... Now I don't waste my time with it. So many other tactics out there that will out produce and are much more fun. Lindy rigging has its place. But when fish are not on the chow I want to cover water. This is when I break out the bottom bouncers and pull slow death around. Or pull big creek chubs (5-9") around.
  4. I have a 13 fishing crankenstien that I use for deep diving as well as a Denali kovert deep diving rod. Both are excellent rods for this type of fishing. I kind of like the Denali better paired with my concept c reel.
  5. I did end up using the jog feature as well quite a bit. I would hit anchor and it would hold but found out I couldn't cast up on a shallow area and work down so I jogged closer using 1 or 2 clicks to get in the zone.
  6. We have fished with the Xi5 for a couple months now and all I can say is that I am impressed! Anchor mode is soooooo nice even in windy conditions. We ran this thing all day and the battery level never dropped off green. At one point we were 150 - 200 yards off of a waypoint and wanted to get to it so we hit anchor, chose the waypoint and hit go and it took off for the spot. Nice not to have to deal with an anchor! One thing I don't like is the foot pedal is horrible... Very slow response (could be the batteries). I used the remote all day and it was sick fast for response and maybe even in some cases to fast. I will say that this thing is VERY quiet as well. Using the autopilot touch commands through my HDS 3 was super nice as well. I want to get rid of my Power Drive V2 with CoPilot and get an Xi5....
  7. My dads new rig... 2015 ZV21, him and I will be running the Full Throttle Tournament Series this year. We're both pumped.
  8. Jay at Westres Marine in St. Cloud was very good to deal with. Had an issue with the Pro XS and they drove 2 hours to come get the boat from my parents to get it fixed.
  9. I wouldn't rule out the new Nitro ZV21 or ZV18. Both are sick boats! My dad pulled the trigger and ordered a ZV21 at the boat show. We have fished with it a few times now and I am VERY impressed with this boat. I am a Lund and Skeeter guy and own a Pro V but my next boat will be a ZV18. I've been in some Skeeters, Rangers, and Warrior boats. I couldn't believe how nice his 21 ran in rough water. And the layout was very nicely designed. I would say the only thing I don't like about it is the live well divider doesn't seem to come out.... Not that it's a big deal because both sides are pretty big. I think it has something to do with helping the water from sloshing around with how big the live well is.
  10. I looked at my cranks last night and they were the 6XD's.... I do like them but broke 2 of them last Saturday out fishing. The lip split in half on one and another lip was all that came back on another haha... Not sure what happened, but I need to get a few more to replace them. I like them though.
  11. This summer I plan on running more deep divers. I bought a deep diving cranking rod and a Concept C reel and a bunch of Storm ST8 cranks. Anyone else got any other good cranks to get for this type of fishing? I usually don't bass fish but getting into it more.
  12. Just wanted to give a heads up that Denali Rods is ready to release the Bottom Feeder line of rods specifically designed for Catfish/Sturgeon fishing. I can't wait to get mine and get out on the Croix for some kitty action! Will definatly put some abuse on them for Sturgeon next spring on the Rainy River as well. Release date is I believe early June. These things are sick! Denali - Bottom Feeder Rods Mikes Bait in Forest Lake is a dealer so you can order through him or the site.
  13. From what I hear, the 520c is a better performance boat and fish's a bit better. If you fish any rougher water the 521C is the way to go. Overall I say 520C. Now I am a huge fan of Legend boats as well so that gets my vote, or the new Nitro Z21 which is supposed to have a monster deck.
  14. Mikes Bait on 8 in Forest Lake, MN is now a proud dealer for Denali Rods. They should have stock soon, so please check them out! Denali Rods
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