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  1. It depends on how big the body of water you are on? What works when a wind storm comes on Gull Lake won't work on Mille Lacs Lake because it's so much bigger.
  2. I recently bought a new house with 13 foot high ceiling in the garage. Here are some pictures of the shelving above the 3rd car garage door. Just started working on organizing the garage and glad it's heated.
  3. I also don't think if you buy the identical tire at a tire shop vs Walmart or Sam's club they would be different. The biggest difference is the experience of the mechanics putting the tires on. If I got the same price at the dealer or Walmart it wouldn't be a hard decision.
  4. I buy most my tires at Sam's Club(owned by Walmart) and will continue because I can come back on weekends without an appointment to get them rotated free while I shop. I've bought a set at a dealer while getting some work done and was shocked their prices were as good.
  5. I could see too small but couldn't see living without one even then. If the yard is too big then I would do only part of it with the option to add more zones later.
  6. This is how I do the lift by my self. I can roll it in and then i have to use a jack to lift it up to take the wheels off. I put duck tape over the holes on the otter wheels and then it will float in or out. In the fall I strap it up to my truck and pull it over the rip rap. Not sure what I paid for everything but probably under $200.
  7. After the attempt from b n d to fleece us, my wife realized we had the water heater protected under home service plus. She made them come out but before they arrived we found out online only parts are covered. The home service tech said that after he came but called into their office to schedule a local plumber to replace it for $1464 minus $50, so $1414. Plus $100 rebate. I saw online that even if you don't have yours protected by them that you can still call them to replace your. If it needed any extra work he had a sheet stated how much it would be. The local guy was a very nice guy and said if we ever needed a plumber we could call him. The water heater we got was a Ruud 50 gallon Professional Achiever power vent and the only model they installed that was a power vent. It is a lot quieter than the previous one which was stated by a previous guy earlier.
  8. Looks like we are in need of a new power vent water heat because it's leaking from the bottom. So I call the place that put it in when our house was built and they no longer are in business as are a lot of smaller shops because of the recession. So I called b n d down the street in St. Michael thinking they are local but wouldn't give a quote over the phone. I thought no big deal and had them come over but boy I was wrong. They sent 2 guys and after looking at our water heater they went to their van. Came back with 3 options. They gave my wife the good fix was $1800, the better and the best was $3600.They were plumbers but had been train liked Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman. Then my wife said we'll think about it and had to tell them to leave. They then said it'll be $50 for the estimate and my wife told them that wasn't mention when I called. If that's a problem we would report them to Angie list which they are members. They then said no problem then but grabbed the estimate from the wife and left. What kind of business doesn't leave their estimate? The only one I can think of are timeshare salesmen. We still don't have the water heater fixed yet but at least we haven't been robbed. We make more phone calls today and get a quote first. I had a standard water heater replaced at our lake place and when I called the plumber up there they gave me a quote for the water heater and basic installation. But told me that any extra work will be so much an hour plus parts. Anyone have a place they have used and the price they paid. It shouldn't be that hard to get a quote for a 50 gallon power vent water heater should it? At least a ballpark price.
  9. I just bought some when I ordered dog food at Chewy.com. They seem to have very good prices and free delivery over $49. No sale tax either so check them out.
  10. Went up north to get ready for the opener and the last thing I did was get a license. Thought I would read the DNR regulation since it's been a few years. I was surprised there was the 1/2 bag limit conservation fishing license choice for a few less dollars vs a regular license. I can see a lot of people getting one because they don't keep many or don't caught a full limit very often. I'm also wondering how long the DNR have been selling them and if anyone has purchased one?
  11. Around Otter Tail Lake we donate $30 yearly to the lake association and they have someone spray by air for those critters. I never know for sure that the area around our place is sprayed but haven't seen them for along time now. Last time we saw them makes us donate when ever they ask though. I remember people were spraying soapy water on trees, scrubs and anything else they were found on.
  12. I thinking it's because how cold it has been, almost 50 subzero days so far. I have a friend with a new Chevy that his mileage is so bad that he told me if it doesn't improve he selling it.
  13. Set the cruise at 60 mph on a freeway or highway and time yourself between mile markers. If you time is over a minute your speedometer is slow and if under a minute it's fast. Pretty easy and good to know if it's wrong.
  14. Thank you guys for all the information, I feel very comfortable doing it now.
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