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  1. Quote: Hotrod: I'd like to know more about this League. How would one get the info about this? Looks like you had some nice bass from the tournament. Email me or PM me to find out, then i can give you the HSOforum to the events. Our NEXT event is this Wednesday the 2nd of May. Farmer
  2. I host the WFL tournaments (Wednesday Fishing League) here in Central Iowa. No links, missed that the first time reading through. Now i know. 1st place: 7.40 pound big bass 2nd place: 5.15 pounds 3rd place: 4.25 pounds All were one fish weights. the 7.40 pounder was unreal, full of eggs. The bite is on.
  3. For several years i have ran the WFL, and it has blossomed into great events. I would like to extend an invitation to all forum members and friends to join us. We are located in Central Iowa. Hope to meet some of you throughout the BASS year.
  4. Our club is set up that way, we always make sure that "non-boaters" are paired up with the guys that have boats. I will email you more specific info.
  5. I can only speak for the affiliated clubs with BASS, and there aren't any west of Des Moines (as of last fall). I am in the club out of marshalltown. We have 4 tourneys in the northern half of the state this year and 3 in the southern part. check us out: web page
  6. March 11th- Rock Creek: water melt all along the shore for about 15 feet, you can only access it by walking out on the flotation docks. Good ice once you got out on the lake. Caught about 8-10 crappie, mostly small. Fished about 3 hours. March 11th- Hickory Grove: Fish all over the deeper structure. Numerous colors working, couldn't get the crappies to bite at dusk. 40+ fish in about 6 hours. The ice was cracking and melting fast, limited access due to the melting dnow by the shore. I am done for the year. Be careful, and get the big rods out.
  7. This is a second hand report, but firght after teh storm the fishing was great, many, many gills were bing caught. The guys that i talked with were pulling their sleds, so i do not know of people still driving there. Good luck, be safe.
  8. Hickory Grove: March 6th dusk and night time hours. Caught about 20 fish, 8 for the fryer. Mostly crappies, with about 7-8 gills. Caught most on orange or black jigs with a waxie. Caught a few on minnows, they practically jerked the rod out of your hands biting the minnows. The ice was growing as we left the lake, 50 degree temps starting this Sunday for the next 4-5 days, so get your picks out and be careful. Good luck.
  9. Sorry about that Pike, i sent you another one. Heading out tonight to Hickory Grove Lake in Central iowa. Will report tomorrow.
  10. Plenty of ice, lots of snow. May begin to get tough getting onto the lakes, i know Rock Creek has many areas near the shore that you can not get out from. Bring your stuff, and good luck. I would guess Don Williams, Briggs woods, hickory grove should all be "good".
  11. i didn't get out this weekend, but did fish yesterday at Hickory Grove. Ice is great, wet on top but plenty of ice. Iced about 20 fish, not many keepers. Email me what you want to know about clubs, i can fill you in plenty, as i am a president of one.
  12. Not going to make it, going to get some valuable time on the ice!
  13. I remember reading that the law came from the idea of fish in baskets and livewells contaminating the fish and adding stress to them and resulting in a possibility of cantracting a desease if released. In the fummertime i can see where this would be a problem with low pH levels and resulting in the fish dieing even if released. SOme boats with good livewells you would be fine, but the rule is rule. Tournaments are exempt from this, because each tournament has to get a permit from the DNR to hold an event, and thus allwoinng participants to "cull".
  14. Last Friday the snow was about 2 inches thick on top. I will know tomorrow as i am heading out tonight to a lake.
  15. The ice right now on Central iowa lakes is great!!! Over 14 inches just two nights ago on Hickory Grove. Not sure about the March ice fishing, keep posted on here. Forecst for the 7 days here in Central Iowa: highs in the mid 40's and lows in the mid 20's. Keep checking back, if there is ice still in March when you are here, i will let you know of some ice. Good luck until then!
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