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  1. not from Gaylord just guessing about the 1000 acre lake in looking at your profile - not too many lakes that size in that area. Your profile says engineer looking at the number of posts you have each work day you must work for the highway dept
  2. Extremely accurate, Bass, I'll agree they are extremely accurate, but slugs are only as accurate as the person aiming the shotgun. These slugs are quite expensive and if your walking a lot of waterways and ditches and just shooting at a running or chased deer in a field the accuracy of these slugs are not as applicable as one who is sitting in a stand taking careful aim. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Bass, Good info that you presented. Looking at your profile I too have hunted this 1000 acre lake. It has produced well in the past. Plenty of helpful information that I will pass on to some of my fello hunters/coworkers. A LOT of info here, must have been a slow day at the office I'm always looking for pointers on being a better waterfowler. Thanks-
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