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  1. Swill

    Starting out

    I would for sure skip the arctic armor suit and 100 worth of long johns. When I started icefishing, we used to go out in just jeans with long johns underneath. Plus, i you have a mr heater and are in a portable, you really only need something warm while you are setting up, or moving to new spots. I would take that 450 or so, and apply it towards a larger portable and gas powered auger. Cabelas has decent long johns for 40-50 a set
  2. Ok, for fun, any idea what states / counties have lakes safe for annual icefishing? Not a one time season, fluke thing, but an annual tradition like MN, WI, ND&SD? What about other counties, like Norway, Sweden, Russia? And regarding these places, is the style of ice fishing comparable to the Midwest? early ice- portables, then ATV and Snowmobiles, then trucks with wheelhouses, permanent skid houses, then walk out only, using planks to reach the safe ice, fishing in 50 degree weather... etc?) Lastly, if I were to guess, I would bet MN ranks the highest in participation and ice fishing gear purchased in the US.
  3. Swill

    Cougar sighting in Champlin

    This cougar roams the big lake area, mostly comes out at night.. Other cougars are the more common MN "snow pig" variety that roams freely throughout the state, feeding on bar food, but makes an annual migration to the state fair each August. Not to be confused with the green and gold snow pigs of the Wisconsin land. Those are even worse, they will drink all your beer!
  4. Swill

    Website Hosting

    Maybe you should talk to Rick on creating a separate, or new forum category for sports clubs, brew clubs, bbq clubs, fly tying clubs, you name it. I bet that category would be a nice addition to the forum categories, plus it would be a good way to gain new members.
  5. Swill

    Who is the craziest Ice Angler/Winter Camper?

    sweet set up powerstroke! Looks like a blast. I must do that sometime. Were ya deer hunting?
  6. Didn't know Brain, but feel like I now do. The FM brotherhood has lost a good guy.
  7. Swill

    Keeping 12" walleyes

    good idea Ray, but it might be a pain to check the regulations on each lake before a guy heads out to fish. I think the current regulations are good, and the more guys that practice ethical harvest the better.
  8. Swill

    Starting out

    Yeah I thought hat too, but when you add up all the gear, 1500 can go fast.
  9. Swill

    Starting out

    Well there is a million gear related topics but here is what I run with 1. Strikemaster power auger 2. Otter Lodge Fish house and one man Fish Trap 3. Marcum locator 5. ultra light rod / reel combos with 2lb line, Dave Genz makes some decent combos already to fish with. 4. Marcum underwater camera- A camera helps a ton with panfishing, hate to fish without it now, extremely helpful) 5. assortment of small horizontal and verticla jigs, ice bobbers, small hooks, etc 6. Coleman Northstar propane lanterns, with a quality LED headlight. 7. Mr. Heater / cooker propane unit. Great for heating a 2-3 man house, and flips over easy to heat up some food on a long weekend out. 8. Lowrance H2o color gps unit with lake chip If money gets tight, look at used ice houses. Nice way to save money. Or skip the camera and gps unit.
  10. Swill

    fish cake recipes

    Sound excellent dark cloud! Plus, I won't have to dirty the grinder, so that will make clean up much easier. If I may ask, how do you server em? Any sauce?
  11. Anyone have any fish cake recipes? I thought you could just grind up the fish with the small bones too, but can't find out any info. Or do you have to use cooked and cooled fish? Thanks Swill
  12. Swill

    Underwater Camera help

    call them again. I bet you can switch out the cable camera. Thanks for posting because I have done that too, but didn't but my camera cord. Sounds like I was lucky. So many high tech mistakes that can happen now days icefishing...
  13. Swill

    What do you make with your fish?

    typical summer type meal shore lunch walleye, grilled corn, baked beans, with beer and beer bread winter time pan fried fish, wild rice, hard crust Italian bread, sauteed carrots in olive oil with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter, and Chardonnay or similar white wine
  14. Swill

    Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

    Thanks so much Dtro and Harvey, that helps a lot, very good info!! exactly what I was looking for. Swill