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  1. gurkster

    Purchasing hunting land

    Congrats - I am excited for you. It sounds like my old place, only mine bordered tax forfeit land rather than state forest. If you haven't done this you may want to ask the seller if you can get in it now and scout it and setup stands, etc for deer season, assuming you have a closing date already. When I bought my land the owner let me setup and deer hunt the land before I bought it, as I closed after deer season. ENJOY!!
  2. gurkster

    Purchasing hunting land

    Congrats - I am excited for you. It sounds like my old place, only mine bordered tax forfeit land rather than state forest. If you haven't done this you may want to ask the seller if you can get in it now and scout it and setup stands, etc for deer season, assuming you have a closing date already. When I bought my land the owner let me setup and deer hunt the land before I bought it, as I closed after deer season. ENJOY!!
  3. gurkster

    Purchasing hunting land

    BrianL - I PMed you. Let me know if you didn't get it. FYI - A way around the minimum cabin size is to put a trailer or "fish-house" on the land. No minimum size and helps save in taxes as they are not a fixed structure they are mobile or being stored on the land. Now you may store your fish house there for many years, or not move your trailer ever.
  4. gurkster

    how much land do I need to be huntable?

    TP - There isn't any minimum amount of land you need to own to bow hunt on. Forest Lake allows duck hunting on the lake too, so not a lot of regulations - yet. BUT like LL says you need to have a plan for after the shot. You would need permissions to track a deer for example. Even the best placed shot with a bow is hard to guarantee the deer will stay on your 5 acres/10 acres, etc. Then look at the surrounding area, is it a development with many houses or a more rural area with a bunch of hobby farms? Either way it is tough to avoid the PR relations if you have to track a deer to someones back yard. I would focus more on the "neighborhood" you are in and your relations with those neighbors, then acreage. My $.02
  5. gurkster

    Purchasing hunting land

    If you can come up a little in price I know of 32 acres for sale in Rush City/Rock Creek area. Close to the river, bear, deer, waterfowl, turkey, grouse and pheasant are all in the area (pics of all on the property at different times). Lots of public land close by too. Land is mixed high/low with a couple of duck ponds on it.
  6. gurkster

    Son wants to tag along hunting

    I have done it, and do it, and I am glad I have. I have 4 kids 6 - 13 the older two hunt now, the other 2 are still to young. Some of my best and most memorable hunts have been with them. Often with the hunts cut short, some mishap, etc. but priceless as they say. I agree with others, set age appropriate expectations. Bring treats and drinks. I try and make it as positive as I can. I point out how we saw game, was nice weather, etc. Something to encourage them and not make it about having to harvest game to be a good trip. At 6 you will probably have to have short sits, miss opportunities, etc. but it will be worth it.
  7. Good job! Agreed, with all the kids activities these days it is hard to get them out. Glad you are doing that, we need the next generations out there. My son and daughter each got 2 so far this year. They need to learn to lead them, missed some easy shots, but then again so have I .
  8. gurkster

    How far will minnows last in O2 bag?

    Put the bag in a cooler with ice and they will last days.
  9. It doesn't get to me too much, it is all part of it. We will all lose fish at some point. If I lose several fish I would look at my gear or technique. Sharp hooks, right size lure, rod to heavy/light, am I setting to hard or not hard enough, line type, etc. There are days when the fish just get the best of us too.
  10. gurkster

    What would you do?

    My $.02, you are young, stick with the day job, raise the family and in 10 years, when the kids are grown give this a shot if you still want to.
  11. gurkster

    Got one!

    Yeah - he is tasty we ate part of him Sunday night.
  12. gurkster

    Got one!

    I hunted the snow storm of Season A. Three of us hunted a farm bordering my friends land to the south, his land has two large ridges with a valley in between them where a river runs through it. We originally planned to leave on Wed night to Turkey Hunt season A from Thu to Sun. With the “blizzard” on Thu and the snow on Fri morning, we didn’t leave until Friday afternoon. We drove to our hunting camp, but could not drive in as there was too much snow, so we had to park our trucks on the top of the ridge by the road and carry everything down to our camp. Our camp is an old fish house along the river. Luckily we brought an ATV, trailer, and ice-fishing sled. We made several trips hauling and carrying our gear down to camp. Then we had to setup a bridge to get across the river. We used some old scaffolding my friend has. We are finally all unpacked and setup and ready to hunt this "private" farm to the south that we have hunted for years, and have "exclusive" rights to. We get all packed up with our blinds, decoys, guns, gear, etc and cross the river, climb up the ravine and get to the farm only to see another hunters blind right in our “honey hole” along a pasture edge., and as we scouted around in the 12”+ snow we found another blind in the area. So there are two blinds in our prime spots, with that the other guys decided to cross back over the river and hunt close to camp, rather than hunt the pasture edge with the other hunters. This wasn’t a bad idea as we shot birds from both locations in other years, and they are more wooded cover areas than the pasture edge we usually hunt. I decided to drop my gear and hike around the farm to scout out a new spot. As I walked around, I didn’t see many tracks in the snow in our normal spots along the pasture and field edges, so I kept heading south back into the woods deeper and towards the farm more and found what I thought was a decent spot to hunt, after seeing some fresh tracks in the snow and busting 3 turkeys from the tree tops around 4:30 Fri afternoon. So then I had to hike back about a mile to get my gear. When I got back to my gear I saw the other hunters heading to their blinds. I flagged them down and we talked a little. We do know these guys as they are locals and we have run into them a few times in the past. We both thought we had exclusive hunting rights to this farm for season A. We decided that being they were already setup they would stay put along the pastures edges and I would move to the south where I scouted. So I grabbed all my gear and made the mile hike in the snow back to my spot and setup. I was setup south of everyone else that I knew were hunting. To my east was a steep ravine where I thought the turkeys would be, as it was real sheltered. To my south was the farm area with cows and horses, to the west was some woods, a pond and then the large pasture area, to my north was all woods. I sat there until dusk and never saw a turkey. I did feel good about it though as I busted the three birds earlier and saw several sets of fresh tracks in the snow. I also felt that under these conditions the birds would not want to be in the deep snow and out in the open where the other hunters were setup. I thought they would be in a more sheltered area like I was setup in. Sat morning we got up and I had a 45 min walk to my spot, so I left early. I took off in the dark, crossed the river, climbed the ridge and headed through the woods to my spot. I was almost there when I thought I saw a turkey, which turned out to be a decoy. I ran into yet another hunter, a third party that was hunting the same farm. He said he was alone and had other land to hunt so he just picked up and left. Now I finally get to my blind later than I hoped (about 15 min after legal shooting) as it took longer to walk it in the dark, the snow, and the delay by running into the other hunter. As I was settling into the blind I was a little disappointed in seeing yet a third hunter, getting to the blind late, the other 2 hunters in “our” spots and the bad weather conditions. It was 18 degrees out, 12” of snow and I was sweating like a pig with all the walking and clothes I had on (as I planned to stay out there all day). I expected the turkeys to come to me from the east and almost right away I started to hear gobbles in the distance to the east, and some not too far away from the north, right where I had walked in from. I did only a few yelps about every 15 – 20 minutes apart, for about an hour and then I see a turkey to the northwest, it turns out it is a Jake. I watch him as he slowly heads my way. As he gets to about 50 yards I see 2 other turkeys with him, a nice Tom and another Jake. Jake#1 is in the lead and heading my way with the other 2 following behind him. I plan to let the Jakes walk by me and then take the Tom. Well the Tom keeps his distance at about 40 yards in the brush and doesn’t really come into the clear. Meanwhile the 2 Jakes are at 20 and 30 yards away. I am in position and ready to shoot. As I see the Tom start to turn away I decide to shoot the first Jake. He drops, the other Jake and Tom jump into the air and then just look around and continue on their way. Jake#2 comes right to the dead Jake, but the Tom keeps his same distance. They stay around me for another 5 – 10 min and slowly make their way out of my area. I stayed still as I didn’t want to spook the birds so my buddy's could hunt this spot if they wanted to too. After the birds left, I got out and picked up my bird, and headed back to camp. On the way out I jumped 3 more birds right next to my blind on the other side (east) that I didn’t know were there. Then I jumped another bird in the woods about half way back to camp. So I saw a total of 10 birds, 3 that I had in range working my decoys. I am the only one who saw birds all week, so I am happy with the bird I got, but wonder if I could have got that Tom if I were more patient. I hope he is around next year. It was a fun hunt. Not your typical spring turkey hunting conditions for sure. I am glad I took the time to scout out a new place and didn’t just settle for old haunts that we know. The conditions were much different this year, our normal field edges and stuff didn’t work out. It was a bit of an adventure with all the snow and getting our gear in and out, crossing the river, and turkey hunting in snow camo for the first time.
  13. gurkster

    Spring gobbler dispersal?

    Yeah - I saw a few singles over the weekend. So maybe they are starting to break up some now.
  14. gurkster

    Deer Shack

    Nice - The exterior looks a lot like mine used to. The inside of yours is much nicer looking.
  15. gurkster

    Small Permanent Fish Houses

    Back in the day that is all we fished out of, and they worked great. I do think that you always want a bigger house at times, but don't really NEED a bigger one. For $200 I would go for it. Worst case is you sell it for $150 - $200 yourself, so not a huge risk IMO.