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  1. theoilman

    VW Jetta Desiel

    No, you don't have to go to the dealer and use VW branded oil (an European manufactured Castrol). Mag.-Moss fair trade act: If they tell you that you have to use their service products they have to give them to you for free! You do have to use VW spec 507 on the newer TDI diesels, it is available from AMSOIL (product code AEL) but it is still $11 per quart.
  2. theoilman

    Non -Detergent Oil

    Yes, all of today's engine oils for gasoline and diesel engines are high detergent. To get non-detergent it has to be 'SA' or 'SB' only rated - which can be rare to find anymore. AMSOIL Compressor Fluid/Oil, when you read the full data sheet, is perfectly suited for pressure washers, as well as air compressors. (It is non-detergent.)
  3. theoilman

    Amsoil 1 year oil change?

    AMSOIL Signature Series oils are rated 1 year / 25,000 miles whichever comes first for "normal" driving, 1 year / 15,000 miles whichever comes first for "severe" driving. The AMSOIL filters vary: some part numbers are 15,000 miles max, some are 25,000 miles max. If you use other filters, change the filter at your regular interval and top it off.
  4. theoilman

    Ford EcoBoost Engines

    Fuel economy/power on the eco-boost engines (all) is great, I haven't heard of mechanical problems yet, BUT -- the eco-boost is causing excess fuel dilution in the engine oil. I've seen numbers as high as 4% and 5% in 7500 miles. That is extremely high! This high fuel dilution will reduce oil viscosity by over 10! This will cause many long term issues! (Greatly reduced film strength of the oil, then causing higher wear issues. Plus others.)
  5. theoilman

    Back packs.

    HSO is not the best place to find any hiking gear questions - just not enough interest. A much better forum is which is a hiking forum for primarily the Apalachian Trail. You'll find so much there you'll get overwhelmed quickly.
  6. theoilman

    Another MPG rant !!!!

    Get an Ultra Gauge and see if you can change your driving habits ultra-gauge dot com I got one and found it a very useful tool. Plugs into your OBD port and gives you a full time reading of everything in the data stream plus a number of calculated parameters. Less than $80 including shipping.
  7. theoilman

    Valvoline NexGen

    A remanufactured oil is capable of being better than virgin oil, that is, if it is submitted to the complete procedures. It gets an additional effort at removing most of the really bad stuff. Specifically, I have seen no comparative data on the Valvoline NexGen, but I believe they are putting it through the same complete steps that they do their virgin products, so, yes, it is capable of being as good or better than their traditional virgin petroleum group 2 products. No, I haven't used it, nor do I plan on it.
  8. theoilman

    My Hike

    I did my section hike on the Appalachian Trail. Pictures click here.
  9. theoilman

    Sea-Foam in Engine Oil?

    Some of the comments in this thread really scare me!!!!! 1. Airjer, ATF (Dex III, Mercon, ATF+4 and some others are a 20W-20 when transposing to the engine oil scale. The new low viscosity fluids (Dex IV, Mercon LV, Toyota WS) are between a 10 and 20, slightly thinner. ATF used as a cleaner added to engine oil is really old school - 40 years or more. It just doesn't have the additives that engine oil needs and may harm the engine, though many have used it this way for many years. Left in for very long will cause harm with excess wear. Anything as thin as Seafoam when added to engine oil is going to drastically reduce the oil's viscosity (even 1/2 can in 5 quarts is substantial), and will greatly reduce the film strength and protection causing greatly increased wear. Almost all engine oil cleaners / flush products have very similar instructions. Many are now pint size bottles (1/2 quart), with the engine warmed up ahead of time, shut it off, add the cleaner, run at idle for 15 to 30 minutes DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE, immediately shut the engine off, drain and change oil and filter as a normal oil change. All the reputable engine cleaners/flush product companies know that the reduced viscosity combination will cause high wear if you run the engine under load! My recommendation, AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush. It is a detergent based product, not a solvent based one. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully!
  10. theoilman

    First Oil change?

    A short interval on first oil change is definitely a good idea - 2 reasons: 1. to clean out anything that may have been left behind when the engine was built, 2. initial break-in is high wear and a good idea to get it out.
  11. theoilman

    2004 Silverado Oil Consumption

    A quart in 5000 is not bad. My thought, don't worry about it.
  12. theoilman

    advantages of an electric fan?

    My van has both a clutched mechanical fan mounted on the water pump and a pusher electric fan in front of the radiators. The electric one really makes a racket when it kicks on, but it makes it so the AC puts out really cold air sitting at idle!
  13. I'm going section hiking on the AT and looking for a hiking partner: Planning on a 5 day section, June, Preferred sections either Damascus, VA NOBO or Smokies on TN/NC line. Flexible time and section. (AT - Appalachian Trail. NOBO - North Bound)
  14. theoilman

    Strikemaster Customer Service

    Interceptor pre-mixed at 50-1 carries a rating of "Good" for air-cooled pre-mix 2-cycle engines including augers. So if you are mixed at 50-1 you are OK to use it up. If mixed leaner you need more oil! You can order Saber Professional direct with this link, and normally get next business day delivery.
  15. theoilman

    Should I switch to amsoil?

    With 300,000 already on the truck I would say probably don't change to AMSOIL, but stay with what you have been using, it has gotten you successfully that high. I would ask what viscosity you are using? If 5W-30 you might go up to 10W-30 on the same oil.