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  1. Schief

    North Fork of the Crow

    If I read the original post correctly were you saying that as a designated water trail route it may be paddled by people who think it is easy and safe for begineers? If that is what you meant then I have to agree that it should be removed from the list. I would assume of course that this wouldn't stop people from being able to paddle it but rather leave it to those who are a little more experienced, and it would also eliminate the need to "unnaturalize it" for the everyday crowd.
  2. Schief

    Do you eat rock bass?

    I will eat Rock Bass through most of the season. They are no crappie or Walleye but not bad at all. Especially if you wanna have a nice fish fry and have had a slow day on the lake They aren't too hard to filet and get away from the bones and I have yet to see one with worms. God I hope I didn't just not notice them, thats a nice thought. Reminds me of a joke. Whats worse than finding a worm inside an apple that you are eating? Finding half of a worm inside of an apple that you are eating.
  3. I had to go look this boat up to see what a 50 inch beam looked like. I was expecting a crazy looking kayak but these look pretty neat. Are you really able to put something like this on top of your vehicle? I would think a 150lb boat would be well over the weight restriction of most roofs no to mention extremely difficult to get up there. What about a single jetski trailer?
  4. Schief

    New to 'Yak Fishing

    So, I got out yesterday afternoon. More to see how the yak handled and how it easy it was to get around the lake. I gotta say that I am hooked, unfortunately I am the only thing that got hooked yesterday (other than a tiny bullhead). Lots of fun, easy to maneuver, and WAY more stable than I could have imagined. Got some good ideas of the type of stuff that I should bring with, like a larger variety of tackle. Still gotta figure lots of stuff out but I wasn't expecting a whole lot during the middle of a 85 degree day. Cyberfish, someday next week work for you? I am open most evenings, let me know.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking around this site picking up great tips and ideas for quite a while. Based on what I saw I finally bought a Crow Wing Pro Angler on Monday and am getting it all ready to go. I won't be done with the rigging until next week but I am dying to get out and give her a try before it is all finished. My problem is I don't know how to fish the lakes that are closest to me. Like every other dork I read the article in the Trib about Nokomis and I have heard good things about Hiawatha so I was thinking about trying these. What I am realizing is that fishing out of a yak limits the area that you can cover so, does anyone have any tips that they wouldn't mind sharing about either of these lakes so I could get on something other than bullheads and perch? Any and all advice would be appreciated, or if anyone is looking for a fishing partner that would be great too. Thanks a ton
  6. Schief

    Crow wing kayaks

    I just bought my Pro-Angler on Monday. I haven't put it in the water yet but tomorrow looks to be the day. I am in the process of getting it all rigged up for fishing. Just got done making a bait tube and am going to purchase the Humminbird SmartCast depth finder today. Does anyone on here have any feedback on that depth finder (the one you wear like a watch) or know where to buy deck loops for rigging?
  7. Schief

    Early firarms doe season

    I'm way up in 257 and will be on my way up after work tomorrow. It's a long drive for 2 days of does only but oh well. Any chance I get to shut off the cell phone and sit in a stand for 2 days I will take. Gotta thin out those does!!!