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  1. uwecsteeple

    Camera attack

    Hmmm, maybe I should put some treble hooks on my camera!
  2. uwecsteeple

    XBox 360 or PS3 ?

    I just bought mine Friday off craigslists, got the $300 system for $250. I am kinda regretting it now as video game time is really cutting into my fishing time!
  3. uwecsteeple

    You have to be kidding me!!! Rabbits???

    Yes, you can fix both! I fixed a transducer cable cut in half because a buddy left it in the hole overnight and though he could auger it out the next morning. I just soldered it together and wrapped with some electrical tape, good as new! P.S. I know a great rabbit stew recipe if you want
  4. uwecsteeple

    XBox 360 or PS3 ?

    I am debating this too, I think I might go for the xbox if only for the exclusive titles such as Halo3 and Gears of War. I also tend to prefer the xbox controller to the ps3.
  5. uwecsteeple

    Annoying commercials

    Hi! It's Vince from Shamwow here. You'll be saying wow everytime you use the shamwow. This guy needs to be buried in a snowbank in Siberia.
  6. I actually catch a lot of them fishing the backwaters of rivers. Though I am targeting pannies and crappies, the carp seems to like small plastics that imitate larva stage insects, such as ratsos and shimpos. Just make sure to use a big enough hole, I have had carp get stuck in a 6" hole!
  7. uwecsteeple


    I have family that works for the Wolves (he actually sits on the bench) so needless to say I have gone to a lot of free games. I just can't believe that they are making any money this year, the target center is just empty. I hate to say it but I go to game to be with my family and rarely watch the actual game. If McHale doesn't leave, the T-wolves will never get better, it's as simple as that.
  8. uwecsteeple

    what knot does everyone use?

    Palomar for everything too.
  9. uwecsteeple

    Getting Organized for Winter Pannies

    If you are looking to support local business, I just looked at Rose Creek's HSOforum and they are based out of Roseville, MN. The Polar Box looks really high quality too. I know something that is going on the Christmas list!
  10. uwecsteeple

    Winter trout

    I caught a couple last year during the winter on tiny (size 0 and 00) inline spinners. This winter I plan on trying to drift some small nymphs, scuds, and muddlers. I imagine those would be the primary diet for Minnesota trout in winter. If you get to using a flyrod, I have heard that a "pink squirrel" nymph can be killer on brookies in the winter. Good Luck!
  11. uwecsteeple

    New Line of Ice fishing jigs

    Those look pretty cool, I wish they came in a little smaller sizes though. I like the option of going down to size 12-14 hooks and 1/100oz heads.
  12. uwecsteeple

    How Cold is too Cold

    I've caught carp ice fishing the backwater of the mississippi. So I would say it never is too cold for roughies, if you know where to look.
  13. It only looks like that because it is a vertical jig, not a horizontal one. I think it was a "glitter glows" from jb tackle or a moon glow from jr tackle, both quality jigs
  14. uwecsteeple

    Making Bucktails

    Searching this forum may be helpful in your quest, especially page 3. Gooogle "making bucktails" lots of helpful stuff there
  15. Either T.H.E. jig (1/80 oz) or a white maki (from lobybaits or makiplastics) on a short (2-4") dropper from a tiny spoon. or maybe a nuggie oooo, I am ready for ice!