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  1. so got a trip coming up soon. how have people been doing? was out earlier in dec and did real well right on the south east point of the flat 45+ft halfway through creal bay. hows the bite now? pretty good weather the last few weeks...
  2. I was all excited to have bought the lx-6 today until i went out fishing with it next to my friends fl-8 and encountered HORRIBLE interference and "bottom jumping" on my unit, his was pretty much flawless. Tried ir adjusting sensitivity on both of the units and on just one to no avail. If the store was still open i would return it tonight extremely upset for the amount of money.
  3. thanks for the reply i guess we will see what happens either way i know it will be a blast and will post a report later
  4. we will be heading to ellendale Nd which is the in the south east part of the state this saturday the 13th through the 20th. we will be heading there to do some duck/pheasant hunting. Im curious with this cold front and other storms up that way any insight on how many ducks if any will be left in the area. any insight will be extremely helpful. thanks guys
  5. after trying just pork fat for a while i found that bacon was a lot better mix. i also like crushed red pepper and add that into my burgers when i pattty them up for the grill.
  6. i found a spot with about a dozen small white morels maybe inch and half at most from ground to top. how long should i wait til i pick them?
  7. By far the best i have ever tried that i found in a book is to mix 1tbls butter 1tbls brown sugar and 1tbls soy sauce warmed together so they can properly mix. Then simply glaze over the steaks. To take this a step forward i feel no matter what you are cooking it always turns out better if you cook it over an open fire. Try it i guarantee you will love it.
  8. water is used with eggs to make them more fluffy. also when cooking scrambled if you think they are done while still in the pan really they are overdone cause they will keep cooking. So stop cooking when you think they need a little more and they should be perfect.
  9. just brought home a seven week old pup. Her mom was a black lab and dad a chesapek(spelling). she barks not agressivly toward other dogs or people. But, she barks when she is left alone in the kennel, if i leave her on the yard leash, or playing. I want to try to get rid of most of this behavior as soon as possible. was wondering who else has encountered this behavior and the best method to stoping this. I have been just saying shh everytime she does so far.
  10. any insight on what Infishermen wrote
  11. was wondering if you feel that using red fishing line is more or less visible in the water?
  12. Out infront of the sawdust piles you can catch walleye not to many pigs in there but quite a few fish. Also there is the bonus crappie in this spot that is usually good sized and blugills and perch. There are quite a few good lakes in the area if nothing is going on at the flowage
  13. how deep is the water and is there much change in the depths in the area. also is there lakers in there this time of year? Ive never caught a laker through the ice and really want to. Also how is the walleye fishing.
  14. i am going to college up here and noticed a few ice shackes out fishing around Barkers Island. I have never fished Superior and dont really know what they are fishing for and what type of presentations are used for fish up here. any tips on whats going on would be appreciated i would love to give it a try this weekend.
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