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  1. Musky_Madness

    Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

    Pulled these yesterday AM Acorn season Healthy Buck Yogi
  2. Musky_Madness

    Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

    Here's some I pulled this week using my new Moultrie Panoramic 150. 150 Degree angle that caught some neat shots
  3. Musky_Madness

    Feed Bank by Banks Outdoors

    How about metal gravity feeders? Anyone find any local dealers without having to ship from Texas or Mississippi?
  4. Trying to find a durable alternative to a tripod feeder set up and found the Feed Bank set up from Banks Outdoors. Anyone have one on there land? I have 120 acres of land I own and can install it on. I have a tripod now but the bears keep messing with it and taking/breaking the timer and spinner off of it. Will this hold up better? I live over an hour away from the land so it would be nice not having to worry about it.
  5. Musky_Madness

    Big Dawg or Nasty

    I have a custom 9' Big Dawg that I use for the pounders and monster medussas to help aid in lugging them when casting. Otherwise I like using the 8'6" Dawg for the big blades like the 12's and 13's because of the stiffer tip
  6. Musky_Madness

    Big Dawg or Nasty

    I have 2 Big Dawgs and 1Big Nasty-both are outstanding! I agree though the Nasty is better for your use. Make sure you play with it awhile before you buy and put a reel on it too. Its a big rod so make sure you are comfortable with it. i paired mine with a Tranx and it works great bringing in the blades. the tip is fasterso has more of a whip to it than the Dawg which is obviously stiffer.
  7. Musky_Madness

    Repairing Lakewood Zipper?

    Has anyone had any luck replacing/repairing the zipper on the Lakewoods? My Musky Monster box has a faulty zipper on it that no longer catches when trying to start and if it does, the corners are worn and it can't hold.
  8. Musky_Madness

    Towing a Lund Rebel with a Nissan Murano

    No overdrive with a CVT transmission
  9. Musky_Madness

    Minn kota autopilot and wrong copilot?

    I guess I'm reading this as you have a v2 PowerDrive and a v1 co-pilot? Or vise-versa?
  10. Musky_Madness

    Minn Kota PD V2 Toast?

    Motor doc took a look and it was some fishing line that cracked the seal behind the prop. Got everything cleaned out and resealed and it's good to go again.
  11. Musky_Madness

    Minn Kota PD V2 Toast?

    Tried a new control board this afternoon and that was not the case, so now its with the MinnKota dealer for some electric motor inspection. There is power through the board to the head so must be in the motor.
  12. Musky_Madness

    Minn Kota PD V2 Toast?

    I've talked with Minn Kota and did some poking around online and I'm thinking its going to be the control board.
  13. Musky_Madness

    Minn Kota PD V2 Toast?

    In the schematic I found-would it be 81-A? Looks to be for the US though. http://www.fish307.com/mk_parts/2010/AutoPilot%20V2%2070.pdf
  14. Musky_Madness

    Minn Kota PD V2 Toast?

    Took the boat out early this am and my trolling motor is nonfunctioning. It worked last week, now I can only turn, use AutoPilot, use foot pedal and co-pilot but can not get the prop to run. It is a 70lb PowerDrive V2 with US2/Autopilot/Copilot. I pulled the power and let it sit awhile, bypassed copilot and still same issue-all functions but prop speed. when you try and activate it it does click but nothing more. Is it toast?
  15. Musky_Madness

    is quick silver boat oil ok?

    Isn't Quicksilver simply Mercury brand in a different bottle?