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  1. What would you say a 30 inch walleye is compaired to in muskie standards? My buddy was giving me dump about only catching 4 walleyes over 30 inches and said I should at least caught a 32", but he is working on getting a 55" muskie. To me a 30" walleye is like getting a +56". Let me know your opinions thanks.......
  2. Please post this on all forums you know of.................
  3. Apex


    Thanks for all your input guys. All you seem to understand the different variables of all walleyes (esp. river eyes). I love nolte's explanation of it! certified jumbo, heck of a fish for July- wish I could of got her in the fall! But if no one has any other comments we should all agree to disagree any walleye over 28 inches in the fall that has a very nice belly on her (g @ 14+) SHOULD tip the scales at 7-9 lbs not 1lbs?
  4. Apex


    Hey guys I got a thorn in my side on what people really thinks a 10 lb walleye is. I have been looking at sites like walleye central and viewing pictures. I still can't believe how some people think a 31 inch walleye in the summer is a 10 lb. fish, or a 31 inch in the fall weighs 15 lbs. I know it's a "ego" thing on my part and theirs. I got a nice 28 x 16 and weighed the fish (on a non certified scale) and the fish weighed 8.6 lbs. vs the calculator which puts it at 9.74 lbs. And on the other note I have a friend that caught a 31 x 19 that just looked like it had a disease because of the girth, (never seen a walleye look so obese for that length) that fish was calculated @ 12.8 lb, a given 13 lb walleye to any veteran. Either put me in my place about the length and girth of 10 pounders or let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  5. Apex

    Metro Muskies

    2 words, delayed mortality.
  6. Apex

    Metro Muskies

    jredig you are the epitome of a fisherman!! wallygator and 50inchpig your on the money in my book. 20 fish in the boat and 4 over 50 w/ me and my buddy. This is musky fishing and recently it has sucked.
  7. Apex

    Almost a new record Musky!

    not even a 50 lber click musky click
  8. Apex

    Metro Muskies

    Sorry didn't realize you guys were bass fishing, 2 to 3 fish an outing, and every outing a fish ha ha!! Get real.
  9. Apex

    Metro Muskies

    Has any one noticed most metro lakes and smaller/shallower lakes(as of July) around the state just aren't as good this year? Or let alone fishing in general? We're catching fish, but the number of fish following and in the net have declined from the previous years. The weather has been terrible around the metro and I believe as well as every die hard angler, that the weather and temps have been the problem. Posting this thread to let everyone vent their frustration this year or to talk smack.
  10. Apex

    A floating musky

    It is usually from a musky trying to digest a fish that it has eaten. By sticking their head out of the water it is letting gravity do the work, instead of them.
  11. Apex

    How long is this Musky?

    "Not long enough" ha ha good one ILLIFIED
  12. Apex

    info on cedar lake

    Just stay away from the island. That's mine!!
  13. Apex

    Muskie Help

    Go out and fish every day and as hard as you can, unlike most people who claim to fish muskies
  14. Apex

    Hitting rev limiter

    No jack plate. Not cavitation, only does it at WOT. No compromised hole shot, nor do I care about it. The motor can only be dropped another inch. I have talked to the dealer and suzuki about the issue and they say the prop for sure. Hydro petty much nailed it on the nose. Its Triton 177 walleye boat weighing apx. 2,000 lb. w/o motors so about 2600 w/ fuel and gear. 49mph with a 19 51mph with a 21 and 53mph w/ a 23 pitch. As far as rpm's its getting up to 6200-6300 when it hits and limiter m is set to around 6,100, which would make sense about the 15% threshold. So w/ all the info 3 blade 27??
  15. Apex

    Hitting rev limiter

    I have a 2008 Suzuki 150 4-stroke on a 18ft. glass deep V boat. The motor hits rev limiter at WOT when trimmed up a very little bit. I started with a 19 pitch stainless prop. Then went to a 21 and 23 pitch and its still happening, but slightly getting better. So I am either going to get a 3 blade 27 pitch or a 4 blade 29 pitch (motor takes a 19-29 pitch prop) Just wondering if a 4 blade is going to increase my idle speed in gear and or decrease top end over a 3 blade?