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  1. I will see you there Brandon! Lets talk some ice fishing dude!
  2. I would like to tour both plants. I could easily tell yea who is better just by what kind of procedures are in place, quality objectives, if there ISO complient or not. I would love to tour there place
  3. Mww24 look at how many posts you have done? lol post another one lol.
  4. must be because of that 3 billion watts of power they got?
  5. good to hear. If anyone has some pictures please post them I really would like to see some
  6. Who on here has got them and what do you like about them?
  7. Hello, I have a 2.5hp solo strikemaster and want to know what you guys use for oil? I know a lot are going to say strikemaster brand oil and the saber oil from amsoil but has anyone tried any premium brand snowmobile oil?
  8. Go with a FL18 there a tried and true design great quality and great customer service. I don't see the reason with going with any other brand. If you want the best pick vexilar. There the longest player in the game and keep setting the bar for the others to follow. If you want pretty colors go with a bird, if you want low battery life go get a marcum. If you want a great piece of mind go with vexilar.
  9. I just picked up a brand new FL22 from thorne's today looks like a solid unit! LX7 looks good too, but Ive owned a FL12, FL20, now FL22 I love the screen they have all worked perfect never had any problems and battery life lasts a long time. You wont go wrong with either unit. Just because 1 guy had terriable luck doesnt mean you will. I take care of my stuff but use the [PoorWordUsage] out of them when fishing then clean up when I get home
  10. Who all is running them? I have a few and IMO best ice rods know to god!
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