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  1. Post in the St Cloud forum and you might get a little more feedback. I doubt you will get much though. People are getting more and more tight lipped. Don't take this the wrong way, but it is more rewarding to go out and find the fish on your own.
  2. For ice fishing, I prefer the Arnold Speed Stop or Speed Weaver from K&E Stopper Lures. They stay in place and will not absorb water like the other bobber stops on the market. These small plastic stops are big enough to stop an Ice Buster without using a bead and will not get hung up on your guides or on the reel spool.
  3. LakeDocktor

    ION ????

    I really like mine. There are many times that I look at my new gas auger and grab the ION. I have the 6" bit and it cuts like butter! I haven't drilled a lot of holes with it yet, but have yet to see my battery go below 3/4 charge. This was after drilling around 30 holes in over 20" of ice last weekend. While I really like the 6" for panfish, I will be getting the 8" bit next year for walleyes and the wheelhouse.
  4. While I agree with deciding what style of fishing you are going to use your portable for in terms of durability versus lightweight, but the X1 Thermal is only 6lbs heavier than the Legend Thermal.
  5. While both of them are great products, my nod would go to the X1 Thermal. The sled and poles being beefier would the the main reasons for my decision.
  6. I would bet that your transducer is bad. Look where the red and the black meet and see if you notice any cracks. Contact Vexilar's customer service and they will help you out.
  7. The FLX-28 comes standard with the Pro View transducer. Last year, I used the Pro View on my FL-18 and it works the same as my 28 with the Pro View, awesome!
  8. I would take the plastic plug cap off the handle, pull the knot and excess rope through the handle and retie the knot. This will shorten up your recoil, but like others have said, you shouldn't be pulling it out all the way.
  9. Save yourself the headache and get a new Ice Ducer! I would highly recommend getting the Pro View.
  10. I just saw a post on Facebook about some lights from M&B Jigs. They look pretty bright and might be worth trying out.
  11. I've been running mine all season. Starts up within 3 pulls every time and cuts like butter!
  12. You couldn't be more wrong! Do some research, ask some questions, and you will see that others lack a management system. Seperate box???? The Solar Sportsman battery management system is built into the battery itself.
  13. If your brushes are in need of cleaning or replacement, your colors will be dim. If you are getting just a couple of colors on the display, your battery is low or needs replacing. Change your battery and you will be fine.
  14. Keep in mind that those batteries also don't have a battery management system built in. Allowing your lithium batteries to be completely drained and recharged only depletes the life expectancy of the battery. While you may find a cheaper battery online, you get what you pay for. I have been running my Solar Sportsman lithium ion batteries all year and have yet to recharge them and my battery indicator is still at 73%! Also, using a charger that is not approved or designed for the battery could potentially destroy the battery.
  15. Don't go 80:1 unless you are using Amsoil Sabre Pro!
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