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    It really depends on what you are goign for. People watching, or gambling or shows. I did not think the strat was bad. middle of the road but it is at the far end of the strip. Get your day pass for the double duece bus. the best way to get around from the strat. I think renting a car is a waste of money. I thought the hoover dam tour was also a waste of time and money. When wife and I go back this spring we will be looking to stay mid strip. For just a few dollars more your right in the middle of the action.
  2. I bought a 05 kingpin arlen ness this year and love it. Plenty of power, smooth easy ride and handling, good looks.
  3. Good ole days in tower makes a mean bloody and it is a meal too. Great breakfast.
  4. This stuff was awesome cooked in a dutch oven with butter garlic and onions. I just made a big batch of barley sausage. I will have to hook you up with some.
  5. Hi, there used to be a store in Shroeder,Mn that carried homemade sausage. It is not there anymore. They had an awesome lake trout sausage. Does anybody have a recipe for lake trout sausage?
  6. My wife has bought me a lot of cool outdoor gifts over the years. She loves the outdoors but was not brought up with a vast pool of knowledge. When she has questions she first looks at the internet, then with a basic knowledge of product she will talk to local sportsmen to get opiniions. She has also used gander mountain for a source of information but we both agree that shopping local is important so we try to buy local if we (she) can. It really depends on the product and there are a couple of very good sports shops locally who she trusts. I also do my searching similarly but the local shops that are good and knowledgable will get a look from me first. Good luck. P.s. easy ladies us guys may be slow but we all just got the word.
  7. When kids were young I had to learn to unfocus? I would fish until they were losing interest and then we would spend time cruising, talking, laughing, exploring, whatever, and then go back to fishing. I found out the change of pace kept my wife more interested as well. Of course she almost always out fishes me so that gives her something to talk about.
  8. Happy valentines day lamby. Yes it will probobly freeze in. When you go down to get it out tomarrow bring a bucket of hot water down from the house and a bottle jack from the pickup. Pour the hot water in the hole and jack up rear end. Once it is up and out of the hole push it forward off the jack and you will be out. Then all you have to do is get it back home. good luck
  9. We have them show up in the winter at the bird feeders here in embarrass but not this year yet.
  10. Try mukluks buy them a size tow big and wide. When done wearing them pull the liners out to dry. feet will never be cold again.(hopefully)
  11. I have been over all of them and if memory serves me right they are all easy. For me half the work of portaging is getting out unloading lifting. once it is on the back the distance is not a big deal. If it is you can stopand rest.
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