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  1. Sunday August 12th Registration accepted until August 1st 7:30-1:30 $25/person $500 in prize money along with door prizes. This is a Youth Club fundraiser. Entries limited to 25 boats. Email [email protected] for more information.
  2. Ryoushi

    winter riding

    Where are the good places to go ride in the winter? I just moved here and don't know my way around. I have a pair of Raptors I would like to get out.
  3. Ryoushi

    tri county park

    Anybody been to this park recently? I'm wondering what the conditions are like right now? I'm looking to tune up a couple of machines.
  4. Ryoushi

    Rebuilding a carb Honda forman 400

    It sounds like your high speed jet is clogged. I would rip it apart and give it a good cleaning. Make sure you blow that jet out with compressed air. It is probably varnished up as you will see. A kit probably comes with one gasket, a few o rings and a new float bowl(probably not needed). For forty dollars I would not buy the kit unless the gaskets are destroyed or you can visually see the float bowl is cracked. Put it all back together and it will probably run fine. I have rebuilt many carbs and have had good luck soaking everything in sea foam. Follow the factory specs for setting the float and the air screw.
  5. Ryoushi

    Mille Lacs

    Anybody ever do any bowfishing on Mille Lacs? I'm looking for some info.
  6. Ryoushi

    Poor idle on '97 Honda 15hp

    I have a 15 and I tore it down and both jets were almost completely plugged. Now this was just from letting it sit for about 3 weeks in the hot weather. There was also varnish in the bottom of the bowl. I put it back together and used all my old gaskets and it has been running like a champ since. I was too cheap to pay 50.00 for a couple of gaskets and a needle.
  7. Ryoushi

    Mille Lacs Area

    There isn't much of a ditch in 169 anywhere north of Isle really to ride though. Can you drive out behind the casino and jump on some county roads to get down to the soo line or up to Pine Center?
  8. Ryoushi

    2 stroke ATV

    Well I took it apart and turns out the piston rings were shot and it the piston was slapping the cylinder. Took care of it before any major damage occurred.
  9. Ryoushi

    2 stroke ATV

    Hey, I have a 2 stroke air cooled ATV that runs really good however I'm concerned about the rattling of the engine. I understand that 2 strokes are suppose to rattle a bit however I consider this excessive. The carb is running a good mixture, the machine is not very old, it rattles at idle and in gear. It has good compression. I guess I'm wondering if I'm overreacting or if I should bring it in and have a mechanic listen to it.
  10. Anyone done any duck hunting on Mille Lacs? Just moved up to the area and looking for some info.
  11. Ryoushi

    Yamah Blaster

    Hey all, wondering if anyone out there knows anything about compression testing a 200 c.c. 2 stroke engine. The manual says to block off the intake and exhaust with some sort of a plate and to pump air in through the spark plug hole to check for leaks. Can you not use compression testers on these engines?
  12. Ryoushi

    Yamaha 9.9

    Hey, i have a 2005 and it won't idle. I'm thinking it's from sitting too long. I have fresh gas in it and ran some sea foam through it but it's still idling really rough. Any tips on rebuilding that carb?
  13. Ryoushi

    Mille Lacs Area

    I was wondering if I stayed at the Grand Casino, if there was anywhere for me to go riding? Would i have to trailer? How far? Any help would be great.