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  1. It sounds like to me, we are all in agreement...for the most part. Sunnies 6-8 crappies 8-10. However, I find myself being drawn to a particular post by NWbuck. His post put a smile on my face! I just had my 6-year old son out the other day and that "is that a keeper, Dad?" statement was made. I too usually throw most fish back now-a-days but found it a great time to teach a lesson to a future fisherman. I too remember being small and wanting to "show Mom" the fish I had caught all by myself. I explained to him that I use my hand to measure "keepers" and 8-10 of those would feed the whole family. Now that he had a number, and a visual to relate to, he and I proceeded to catch close to 50 fish...sorted through them, with his help...and kept only the amount we needed. I found it interesting that after explaing it to him, he'd immediately say, "Dad, throw him back. He's too small to keep, right?" Priceless! Start'em young...teach'em right...there's hope for tomarrow, fella's! Breeze
  2. Place on tin foil...slap a couple pads of butter on top...place several rings of a sweet onion on top...place a couple of fresh tomato slices on top...garlic salt and pepper...wrap up like a pouch and place on grill for 5-8 mins Breeze
  3. I've seen sooo many cool ways you guys have "customized" your portable shacks on these forums but have been very reluctant to take the plunge. I have a bad back (2 ruptured discs), like a lot of you I'm sure, and find it hard enough to load my shack as it is. It seems like most of the "modified shacks" added 40-60#'s. I usually fish by myself in my Yukon and have a GMC Sierra to load it into. I did read one mention, on one of the many threads, about using 2x4 ramps and some sort of winch system but it was never elaborated on again. Any of you guys got a unique way or system you'd like to share? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem... Thanks
  4. This is going to be a great thread guys! I can't wait to see how ingenious you fellas are going to be! Post lots a pix!!!! Breeze
  5. I also would put my 2 cents in on the Power Pro!! I have been using it for several years now on the river and REALLY like how it performs. Unlike a lot of the braids, it is round and cast extremely well...even with lighter jigs/lures. Don't use much Mono anymore for my type of fishing, rather use floro in most of those cases.
  6. They are well worth the $$. If you have a h20 softner, tap into that line to limit the lime deposits in the filter. Set unit to normal setting to start but get a humidistat and hang on your wall. Watch the humidistat not rely on the setting. Different families create more or less humidity depending on # of people living in the home, cooking, washing clothes, taking baths...etc. Watch the humidistat for around 35-40%..perfect for most homes! Tuna
  7. Nice post! This has been fun to read... I am originally from SW Lower MI and grew up on a small lake there. When I was a kid we used mousies all the time! Waxies were a pain to keep on the hook and more expensive. I was just trying to explain to a buddy the other day about "mousies" Dejavu... Anyway, we caught a ton of fish with them. That being said, after moving here and not finding them here, I switched to euro's and they have been my go to bait. Now you guys are touting the new Gulp product. After reading everyone's posts one thing is clear...confidence...if you feel waxies are the ticket...you'll use'em...if you like euro's..you'll slap'em on...and now I'll have to go out and try some Gulp Waxies!!! Personally, I've always found that what works one day does not always insure success the next day. Have your fav's but be flexible and you'll put more fish on the ice! Breeze
  8. Good choice! I have 3 of them and love fishing with'em! As far as I'm concerned, best rod for the money. Breeze
  9. See Turks rods at www.limitcreek.com . Nice price and great rods! Breeze
  10. Cbreeze

    Line color

    I think I'm gonna chime in with my 2 cents here. I think the real answer was just given. "When the fish are hitting heavy, anything will work." I think there is a lot of truth in that statement...however, those instances are not the norm (at least for me) and why not put the odds in your favor ALL the time. Line diameter...lightest possible! Florocarbon...(especially leaders) for eye's! Power Pro 10/2...nothing better for sensitivity and being vertical in current (and casts pretty well too!). We don't always know when we hit a body of water how the fish are biting and, by putting things a little more in our favor, it can't hurt...right? Anyway, I also don't believe in most cases, that color really matters when throwing spinner baits...etc. For those applications I usually just throw green as it seem pretty neutral. Thought I'd say my piece. By the way, I will be trying the Gamma line next year! Cbreeze
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