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  1. pokegpike

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    BetterLabs: Amazing Decoys wow! Just curious do you sell any? I would love one!...or 2.... thanks you can email at pokegpike AT gmail.com
  2. pokegpike

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    36" Pokegama Lake MN 1-26-13
  3. pokegpike

    2009/2010 Iceleaders ICEMAP! (Thanks Everyone!!!)

    Pokegama Lake Itasca Co - 14"-16" of ice SE of LaPlant landing. Full size vehicles on ice at Trooptown. Did not go to West side of lake.
  4. pokegpike

    Where to find an heirloom quality spear?

    There's a guy that lives outside Plato, MN (assume he's still there) I bought my saw from. (SW Saw's maybe is the name of his company??). His fist name is Harlan I believe. He makes the most beautiful spear I have ever seen or touched. They truly are masterpieces. They are also $250, but from what I saw when picking up my saw, they would be well worth it. Unbelievable quality. I will get his info off my saw case this weekend and post it.
  5. pokegpike

    Spearing season in MN

    someone told me it's already open? Is this true?
  6. pokegpike

    Best day on the lake... EVER (Pics Included)

    She looks like a keeper! congrats! Now if I can just get my Fiancé to agree to get married on the lake, outside my spear house I'll be all set.....
  7. pokegpike

    Spearing (Pics)

    I have that exact shape on the end of my custom spear. Square, then 6 tines. Then the bottom is fused to one piece of hardened steel shaft(some special type of steel I'm told from Chicago). An old guy from the Rapids area built it. I was told mine was one of the last me made. Very nice. Looking for an ice saw? I got mine here www.doublediamondspears.com. They are the BEST! His spears are a work of art as well. Gorgeous actualy. My saw was $150 (pictured below on top of the spears), nice PVC case, complete with handle, included. His hand made spears (as of 3 yrs ago) were $250, and when I picked one up while getting my saw, I was speachless. Perfection is all I can say, and probably worth every penny. They have a wooden handle at the top. VERY pretty weapons! I have yet to hold a nicer, more perfectly balanced spear in my hand. He uses some sort of steel and gets it to look like platinum. Have a look for yourself on that site. Very nice guy too. He lives on site and hand makes these items in his large shop on site outside of Plato MN on a farm. If you buy one of these from him, he'll log your name w/ the product you buy. Free ice saw sharpening for life he says. I just cut my hole open this afternoon w. my saw - still razor sharp! - 12" of ice(2'x5' hole) like budda!
  8. pokegpike

    Spearing (Pics)

    thanks for the welcome. I've been spearing since 1990, when I attended ICC in GR for my first 2 yrs of college, then moveed to CO for my last 2 yrs. I finally got a chance to move back home in 2001, and have been 'making up lost time' in the spear house ever since.
  9. pokegpike

    Spearing (Pics)

    Nice pics and stories. I never knew this Spearing thread existed. I must look around more! I'm on the computer all day for work, and don't get to snoop around the web much. Same Fish 37" I took on 12-30-06. She came in nice an easy, just how you imagine it to be, but so often that isn't the case. I hit her so clean, any further towards the head and my spear may have bounced off and not sunk its tynes in. Anyway, a good way to end my year, with a good buddy in my house with me. What more can you ask for?
  10. pokegpike

    great scenery pics

    Lake Waconia Late Aug-05
  11. pokegpike

    Fall color

    Upsate NY 04 Fall Friend's cabin near near Aspen CO
  12. pokegpike

    BWCA pics

    July 2000 Fourtown lake
  13. pokegpike

    great scenery pics

    Boulder Flatirons - taken 9/2000 'First Snow'
  14. pokegpike

    Fall color

    Ausable River, NY:
  15. pokegpike

    Your BEST outdoor shots EVER!

    A good friend's cabin near Aspen Lake Alta, near Telluride