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  1. Earlier this year I purchased the Clam 1660 mag thermal for my family. I am looking for a smaller two person now. My buddy has the 6120i and hates the bag also. Just a heads up that you can order the clam bags online for something like $30. They have a smaller and larger one. Might be worth the investment.
  2. Is there any advantage of having a 5 sided hub versus a four sided hub? These two have the same square footage and center height. The xl4000t is about $50 less. What would you buy? Xl4000T is four sided and Jason Mitchell 5000 is 5 sided.
  3. I'm going to tell you from experience go with the brush style. I learned the hard way by buying high end big flap style. I will not name names because the company fully refunded my money after sending them pics of my rock chipped boat. We are talking damage done on a gravel road at 25mph. I am anal-retentive about my stuff and was sick after seeing my boat damaged. I think part of the blame was my radial tires on my truck that picked up small rocks but that should have been reduced by these flaps. I went to the brush style and have been very satisfied. You will never get rid of all chips but my boat was terrible for the few miles I drove. They also say the big flap will create a wind or current of air that will pick rocks up off the road behind the flaps. Just my opinion.
  4. Houseboats are designed to take wind and waves. Fish houses are not. Will be an expensive removal process. My opinion only. Most counties will likely require a permit for anchoring such as a swimraft.
  5. Check out the Big C stores tundra bag. It is the same as the Clam Ice Rod Locker. It is like your soft bag but has hard inserts to make it rigid. I am in the same boat as you. I would like a hard case where you don't have to fold down handles but is not huge like a rifle case. The otter box is nice but just too big for me. The Tundra fits at least 8 rods up to 36" in length. On sale now also. I've been very impressed with it.
  6. gonehunting


    Shimano Sedona. Have three of them. Great reel.
  7. The Big C store has the replacement batteries for this auger at $50 off today online. Just a heads up
  8. Mike, What did Tim find out about the warranty rod? Did he give you your money back? JK
  9. I've also heard the precision is the most versatile for those species.
  10. Woodland Resort on north end of the lake. Top notch quality and service. On site restaurant, bait, gas, and accomodations. Book several months in advance. Stayed there many times.
  11. I routinely travel with my big buddy heater in the sled of my otter lodge. I have a Cabelas Big Buddy carry case that is padded plus I place 1.5" high density foam on the sides and bottom of the heater. Mine is tucked tight in the corner surrounded by milk crates which carry other things. I pull my otter lodge with a snowmobile for miles on LOW and Lake Winnipeg and have never had an issue.
  12. Sorry to those of you who have already seen on another forum but would like to get as many opinions as I can. I have recently been looking at the Ice Innovations Rod Case and the new Frabill Rod Case(by Plano). They are very nice looking cases that are extremely durable. However, like most cases I have found them to be very bulky. I have no need to carry 6-8 rods. I would like to find something similar that would hold around four rods 32-36" in length. I have no need for all the tackle box room as I carry a separate tackle box. When traveling on Lake of the Woods or Lake Winnipeg my portable sled is full of heaters, tanks, shovels, flashers, tackle boxes. I have no need for an oversized rod case. What I was thinking is something around 10" wide and 36" long interior. Would anyone else have an interest in something like this? I think it would be very marketable. Something very similar to a single rifle hard case except not as long and something deep enough that you told have to fold reel handles down. Please let me know if I am the only one thinking this.
  13. "Clam hands down best company for ice fishing" I would have to disagree that Clam is the best company out there for ice fishing. Granted they were the leader along time ago because there was little competition. They have also come along way with some of there newer shelters. However I am going to have to say that Otter Outdoors probably builds one of the toughest/best houses out there. You are going to have to pay a little more but your going to have a house that last you for years. I am by no means affiliated with Otter just a very satisfied customer who pulls an otter across Lake of the Woods and Lake Winnipeg many miles a winter. Good luck with your purchase. Any shelter is better than no shelter.
  14. These heaters are one of the best things to come along since vexilars. No more headaches and burned fishhouse canvases from the sunflower heater. My big buddy heater has been nothing but reliable. Proper care, maintenance, and operational knowledge are part of this. Every product may have a lemon once in awhile.
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