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  1. greebs

    Joe Mauer

    definitely add Mr. Allen to that list. Dozier too. still a little too early to tell but at this point Molitor/Allen > Gardenhire/Anderson.
  2. greebs

    Joe Mauer

    I don't love joe as #3 in lineup but really nobody else really on the team for that role. Joe paid as a superstar but doesn't perform at that level. But at this point for this season he's probably co mvp of team along with hunter, plouffe, and Perkins. Actually I'd give mvp to molitor at this point!
  3. Or maybe it was? It's a long season but they are playing some good ball right now. Don't think molitor is 100% responsible for where they are at now just like gardy wasn't 100% responsible for last couple years failures but definitely they both are/were part of it.
  4. greebs

    Detroit 4, Twins 0

    It's early but molitors got them at least playing competitive ball. Still think .500 will be a good year and knowing they were .500 last year until later in May it can go downhill quickly. Keeping fingers crossed....
  5. Hard to believe he did it on his own but maybe. After watching his limited play this year think good chance that the comparisons of him to Wilson may end once you get past the undersized factor. Wilson appears to have the footwork that is needed to be a successful scrambler that not many others possess.
  6. As much as I dislike the pats the Hawks had me cheering on Brady and co. Loved the humility of Butler. Can you imagine how the interview would have been had Sherman done that? Absolutely love seeing egos like that get beat.
  7. Seahawks had luck, bad choices by the pack, but most importantly marshawn lynch on their side.
  8. Thinking there has to be one home team that will lose. Would love to see it be Seattle but thinking it's going to be the packers that are the one home team to lose this weekend. Just can't see them stopping the run game enough and would not be surprised if Bryant has a huge game.
  9. Im just curious if anyone who thought that jm was a can't miss type player is still thinking that and if so what is your basis? Still think it's too early to call jm a bust but hard to think anyone at this point still regards him as a "can't miss".
  10. Kind of funny on star tribune site and twins fb page all the people predicting how short of time gardy would be out of a job if he was fired. Lots of 5 minutes, one day, one week, etc comments. Not quite the demand the new cubbies mgr got. I'd venture to guess Ron might be able to work a seasonal job starting Friday at a mall given if he's interested though.
  11. greebs

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Cassell getting hurt and Peterson being gone certainly has made for much more growing pain than was likely planned. It's too bad that stud Hoyer that is keeping sure fire hof rookie qb on the bench wasn't available for vikes to pick up so teddy could ease into playing time.
  12. greebs

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Qbs that are consistently running for their life dont have much of a chance for great success. Any remember favres stats that last season here?
  13. Not surprised by it but not disappointed either. Hopefully he can get his players to perform to best of their abilities and that in itself is an upgrade.
  14. They must not be content with "central division championships" anywheres else but twins territory?
  15. Hadn't heard they had an opening?
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