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  1. Steve, I swear I have seen Tanaka kickers before.... I know it was a while ago but I am almost positive they used to sell them through one of the catalogue places turned big box chain stores (the big C or BPS) Maybe not anymore but I think I even saw one this summer in use during one of my wanderings up in the SNF.. Yeah I do think if I were ever in need of a whole new power auger I would probably just get a new Nils just due to the weight. It's tough for me though. I live a mile and a half from D-Rock so anything I need for my SM I just swing over and get it. Guess maybe I am one of the lucky ones with the Solo but I haven't needed a single thing for it other than fuel. I thought the Solo was more of a commercial engine too but maybe I am wrong with that?? Side note, I will be putting the shaver head on my Nils drill and try that out this weekend with the Solo motor. I feel like it will be much faster as it has been sharpened. Might pop the 6" Nils on it and give that a whack too. Should be interesting to see. The little 6in one only gets use for thin ice as a hand auger and its super sharp. Might be interesting. Maybe if I get bored enough I will start messing with the pitch on one of the extra Nils drills. Always try to improve LOL.
  2. Fred, Good chart setup. Guess that was where I was going with that.. As far as the torque thing, I guess that's kind of a joke. Whatever is the fastest is what counts in my book. I am a turbo import car person so its a inside joke for me. HAHA.. Just thought it would be interesting to see since the Solo has lots more rpms compared to the old Tech motor. Obviously it isn't as fast as the Tanaka but sometimes torque is better than high speed power. Maybe not so much in this case. BUT there is more testing to do so we will see.
  3. Thanks Quickfish6 for filming that and posting.. I have a few different combinations so I figured we should try that setup out. The powerpoint head isn't the sharpest but still. Next we will be doing the 8" with a standard cutting head to see if that is any different. I have had that one sharpened by Frank so we will see how it goes. I have a 6" Nils as well so that might be worth a shot. I have a old Tech powerhead and the Solo has loads more RPMS than that does. Just between the Tech and the Solo there is a huge difference in how the Strikemaster cuts. I know the Tanaka powerhead makes more RPMS but the solo has more torques so I guess that was more of the point of the video. We are in America and torque is what its all about most of the time.. Guess that's what you do in Minnesota when your bored of catching so many fish. YOU TRY SCIENCE!!!!
  4. I can't really say much about the Acadia as I have limited experience with them. I guess I have seen a few go through the shop and they had some odd electrical issues and one had head gaskets on the way out. Armadas are actually pretty solid. Fuel mileage isn't the best but its got plenty of power and little really goes wrong with them. Occasionally we see the exhaust manifold/catalytic converter crack and leak but other than that they are really pretty decent. Not many trouble spots I can think of. They also hold their value really well (if you ever wanted to trade it in that is good to know). Guess I might be biased working for Nissan but I can say there is plenty of their stuff I wouldn't drive too. The Armada is one I would drive though. If was between the two I would go with the Armada for sure.
  5. I am pretty cheap but I like to keep stuff in the ten year range. My old lazer got replaced with a new solo two years ago and am glad I did it. Runs nice, faster, easier to start ect. Can't say that there was anything major wrong with my old one but I just felt it was time. Instead of buying a whole new auger though I got a new 2.5hp solo powerhead. The lazer bit on my old auger worked just fine so a new motor was all I really needed. It works like a champ. I keep the old motor around and it is ready for backup just in case.
  6. F.O.R.D.x2 XD Sorry, but I had to... I love my friends and all but if I was asked to do something like that I would say no way. Just because it is technically rated to haul that much weight doesn't mean it should. Not worth hauling a old heap and ruining your nice truck.. Dragging a 500$ truck is not worth your $3000 transmission. You would be better off renting a uhaul truck, burning couple hundred bucks doing that vs what your going to spend later fixing yours. Also, as mentioned, I don't think your hitch is going to be rated to do that. I might be wrong and you have a heavy duty class 3 but I think that hitch is probably going to be rated at 3k.
  7. I have had a 45 for a couple years now and I love it. Far better than the old FL-8 that it replaced (still have the fl8 for a backup and when I take a friend with that has no fishfinder). There really isn't anything I can complain about it honestly. Usually I go for the top of the line but the only thing the had that I found of any interest was that you could change the dial to blue. I have a hard time seeing blue and making it pop (it all blurs together for some reason) so I just stuck with the 45. The support cable thing didn't even make it to the lake, I took that off when I pulled it out of the box. Other than that no problems to speak of. I guess I broke the Humminbird charger and still had a Vexilar one so I just use that. My own fault there though. When using small lures in deep water I just zoom in to where I am fishing and it picks up the lures just fine. It seems like the target separation is really good when your zoomed in. It also seems to help to adjust the transducer beam to the right setting. If I am in less than 30' I leave it at the wider angle. Deeper than that I narrow it up. The interference issue is also great. I have yet to have a single problem when fishing around other stuff. Really nice compared to the Vexilar in that scenario. Not sure as to the durability factor but in three years of owning it I have had no problems. Usually if something is going to let go it would have by now.
  8. I like the Linder's show. He preaches a little bit but I got respect for that. I think that's a decent crew. They seem like they actually go out and find fish on their own. The other one I like is the muskie guy, I think its Joe Bucher? He fishes muskies for part of the show and then fishes smallies or something else for the rest of the show. Anyone who has their dog in the boat is probably pretty decent. Used to be a big In-Fisherman person but I kinda lost interest in it since the Linder's left. I feel like they just go to major destinations and hire guides (not that there is anything wrong with that but it bores me).
  9. I was out today in a QF6 and it was ok until the winds really started gusting hard. The anchors held it down and the ones outside held the sides up but the roof kept popping in. Heard the gusts were well over 50mph so what can ya do. I packed it up and called it a day. First time I have had to call it with the pop up. My old otter house was a little more difficult to tack down so I used to tie it to my car but anytime the wind is whipping like it was today forget about it.
  10. It will do just fine. The CVT's in those are actually pretty solid (one of the few in the industry that are). I tow a 14' Lund fishing boat all summer with a 25hp Johnson loaded full of gear with my Outback (04' 2.5 with the 4 speed) and it actually does better than my old Blazer did. You are nowhere near the limit with it so you will be fine.
  11. I have two of those for running parts at work and they both have eaten the ball joints a couple times (granted they also each have 150k+ but still). Had the same problem with the tires and all. My money is on those being shot.
  12. Short of the engine issues the damage to the rear sounds pretty bad. If you have a quarter panel that is wrinkled, hitch bent down and suspension issues the frame is most likely bent up... Given the age of the truck, yeah...
  13. Mitsu should have a button type switch in the pillar. They like to rust out and cause all kinds of fun stuff. Radios in those are always suspect too though.
  14. Didn't think there was anything handheld that was lakemaster compatible anymore since Johnson bought them out? Honestly, I hope I am wrong about that but short of buying older used chips you were stuck with Navionics....
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