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  1. "Sounds like youve been leaning towards the Silver Dollar for a little too long." ... actually I've been pretty good... aw shucks, who am i kiddin'. anywho, di and i are gonna camp out tonite and give it a go. i'm thinkin' it's a time-of-day thing; i guess we'll see. we looked at a walleye last nite for 10 min or more. all by himself. wouldn't leave, but he wouldn't bite either.
  2. with perch, pro'lly 6 or so, 3 or 4 times; small 4-6" in my estimation. 14' water... I was thinkin pink and had to give it a try. if i was to do it again, i would lean towards the larson place.
  3. have heard good reports from up north. DI and I spent all day there and kept 1 fish. I had a heck of a time setting the hook on them. Lost 3 lures on trees. Down here, it's slow. We're catching fish but one or two per every other outing. DI got a camera last week(I just picked one up yesterday) and the fish are there.
  4. Yea, Dakota Iceman and I fished the tourney here in Chamb last weekend and finally caught some fish. We caught 6 and had 2 keepers. Placed 6th (they paid to 5th). The morning bite was on. Sounds like some weather coming in for the weekend but the temps should be nice. Good luck! Foster
  5. I'm blogging just for the sake of laughing at it in july. went w/larson to north shore. heard tha they wer pikin perch up and walleye. i put my stank on it killed the bite. it's a gift i guess. wind from the east.
  6. I just got done looking thru all of the pages on this forum. I don't know if I should be proud or if I should be slapped! Yea, I'm a noob. I'm looking at a '95 polaris 440 (4K miles) for ice fishing. I don't know the model but it does have electric start and is water cooled. It needs new metal runners on the front(my brain is mush, I forgot what they're called). It started and sounded good. Several questions: Can you tell if the jackshaft bearings are ok by just looking under the sled? What in the world are scratchers? Should I just figure on buying new needles and seats for the carbs? I know I'm buying at the worst possible time and his price is high retail ($950). Gonna drive it tomorrow. Check for a smooth takeoff, what else?? I think I'll get away from this computer before I have an epilectic siezure....thanks in advance for any and all replies. Regards, Foster
  7. Foster

    ever hear of J-wheelz?

    I guess a pair isn't the right term. I bought a set. Kinda pricey, but I figured that if they kept me from getting stuck in the mud at least once or twice, they would be worth it. I can't say that I am impressed with them on snow, but then again, I haven't really tested them out either.
  8. Foster

    ever hear of J-wheelz?

    j-wheelz.com Has anybody tried these? I guess they were designed by a father/son from SD. I purchased a pair, mainly for mud. Have only 5 minutes with them on snow. Interested in other opinions. Regards, Foster
  9. I've been waiting for DI to post. Apparently he is awol. Went up north wed. Got checked by GF&P as well as tribal officials - all good. I do need a trespass liscense tho. Caught some fish - FINALLY!. even owed DI a buck for first walleye on the ice. Biggest news of the day was that I caught a fish on a chubby darter. I think it took 4 yrs. for that lure to work. Went out thurs to dead mule deer and got skunked. fri nite tried the spawning station. had great current and depth, had just one tip up go off. I guess I'm just gonna hafta make the drive if we wanna catch fish. DI, you still out there?
  10. Heat wave for sure! Talked to a guy that went up on sharp; had water coming up thru the hole and soaked an area 6-8 ft across each hole. They were in slush all day. They caught fish, but had a miserable time doing it. DI and myself tried last wed. Not one of our better ideas. We did test out our equipment tho and will know what to do when the weather gets bad.
  11. Hey RED DOG. the snow and cold shut me down. i push snow for a living. Pretty much worn out after the last 21" episode. i just didn't feel like battling the elements 'if you know what i mean'. I know i'm a [e-mail:[email protected]]. We are like a bunch of old women around here - on the phone asking around who is catching fish and where, constantly wringing our hands waiting on a good report. I have heard good reports in the big bend area and I have also heard that it is a bugger to get on the ice with all of the snow. We are used to cold. we aren't used to snow. 99.9% of us here use atv's to get around, not snowmobiles. In alot of places, we can't even get our pickups in to stage a dropoff of all of our stuff. DI and I went out to mule deer point tonight, one fella I knoe went to the larson place and another at pontoon bay: we had current, no fish were caught! Me and another guy caught fish at mule deer last night (ok he caught, I got skunked). No current. I thought with current tonight, we were gonna slay 'em. didnt happen. The other thing, being a [e-mail:[email protected]], is the drive up there and the drive home. I am so used to a 5 minute drive and catching fish. that 40 min up and 40 min back makes me concerned that i might soil my nice clean pink panties with blue flowers. translated: it's hard to get fired up to drive all that way and then catch no fish when I can drive 5 minutes and get the same results. On another note, did you get a deer? And just exactely where is your cabin? There is a tourney here on the 30th in case youre interested. regards, foster BTW, Dakota Iceman is currently incapacitated. His alcohol intake over the holiday season was epic. At the moment, he is in rehab learning how to use his extremeties; i.e. learning how to walk and not stumble, how to talk and not slur, how to drive and not swerve. I am so proud of him learning how to wipe his drool and his butt (not at the same time - I cant even do that!)
  12. Dakota Iceman! Quit holding out on us. Tell the world of your latest exploits! Surely lake francis case impoundment of the mighty missouri river gave up it's bounty and rewarded your persistance with a booty of football shaped walleye!? Surely, at this moment, your family and friends are expounding on your great fishing prowess! You are probably growing tired of constantly being asked time and again to re-tell the story of how you landed the 'big one' with only a chubby daughter:)and some string. Thank goodness there is a blizzard raging right now. How else would there be enough walleye left for the other wannabee ice fishermen? As for me, I can only hope that the storm wil abate and someday; someday, I will be able to be graced with your presence. There, I will bask in the radiance of your knowledge and wisdom (cough,cough); knowing full well, that I am meerely (to heck with the spelling!)a pimple on the buttocks of wimpy icefisherman who sits in his pickup and asks you as you come off the ice "how thick is the ice?". Until then Dakota Iceman, I will catch these bottle bass and throttle them mercilessly, one after another! Foster out! (in more ways than one)
  13. Tried the railroad bridge last nite. 11' water. no current, looked down by a couple of feet. No bites, no graphed fish. ice is over a foot thick. I had the chubby darter (chubby daughter???)tied on and everything!
  14. [PoorWordUsage], iforgot my password for my new identity. oh well. stardate:wed, 4-7:30pm. nice out. ice clear. saw a freaky spot in the bay but it was good. the story that i heard was that the ice wasn't raising or lowering at the same rate as the water was. when a hole was dug, water flowed out of the hole for 20ft around. an hour later, all the water flowed back and there was an 8" gap between the water and the ice before it gave way. man, I bet that was cool! clear ice is good ice, right? was in 14 ft. w/current. graphed fish. no bites. forgot my seats. no headlight. dumped all of my minnows. most were dead anyway. i'm out. dues paying evening.
  15. I am sure they have fishable ice up there by now. There isn't alot of places to gain access. The ones I remember are corp bay (just north of the dam, east side. Twin bay, west side; 5-10 miles north of the dam? Spring creek, Okobojo, Sutton's bay, Pike Haven; all on the east side. That'll get you up to Gettysburg. I don't know the area north of that. I do know that Mobridge would be a place to check out. Very cold tonight and then warmer by the weekend. This weekend might be the perfect time to give it a try. Good luck!