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  1. yes, still running in Duluth. Last weekend was good through Monday, overnight temps going low this weekend.
  2. Butcher packer online was good for supplies.
  3. crawdad

    Orzo Pasta Salad

    A great greek recipe!
  4. Kippered snacks, smoked oysters, silta, crawfish, liversausage/onion/pickle/tomato sandwich, veni heart stir fry. While its not secret stuff, I don't have to worry much about sharing. Another peanut butter/banana sandwich & french toast, pancake vote here.
  5. Yeeow, big one! Agate shop in TH does buy agates. The shop up in Beaver Bay said big agate prices have dropped off lately. There's only a couple big ones like that in TH....
  6. Don't know where you're located, but there's an agate shop just north of Two Harbors....
  7. crawdad

    Pike vs. Walleye

    Used to do that too, works well. Learned how to do that growing up. Now I have the Y bone thing down pretty good, with very little waste. One thing that will taint a northern fillet is letting it touch any slime, it doesn't come off (smell, taste) and probably has scared away many from trying again...
  8. crawdad

    Crayfish Traps/Trapping

    google seagrant MN, then check out their aquatic invasive species, see rusty crayfish. They have oval brown spots on each side of their carapace, and usually black tips on the claws.
  9. This is neat stuff! My D50 probably isn't capable, and I wonder how many shutter actions I'd use getting hooked into this.... It'd be a nice feature in my Sony P&S. Definite item to have for the next one though. Did you have to adjust exposures at any time during (or after) the sequences? i.e breaks in the clouds?
  10. crawdad

    Crayfish Traps/Trapping

    Hmm, can't see the pictures. They'll need fresh water (a big cooler) or an aerator if you want to keep them that long, or a place to climb out of the water. Found that out the hard way when I first tried keeping them overnight. Too many for the amount of water I had them in. I need to, and suggest you try, a holding cage so you can keep them fresh in a river or lake while your there. But if not, a big cooler with fresh water has worked if I keep them alive. Usually a quick purge where I'm trapping to clean the junk off, and into the boil pot they go. Have done the salting purge method, but I usually pull the intestine part out when I'm cleaning them anyway. Hope you get a few more, I will be out next week and get a few pics up of any success. PikeStabber any reports?
  11. crawdad

    Crayfish Traps/Trapping

    Remember to use small bait boxes! They cant pull the bait our of the trap that way, and it will keep them coming in....
  12. crawdad

    Crayfish Traps/Trapping

    I like to check out possible areas at night for potential trapping. They will usually be up out of the rocks shallow feeding (the smaller ones) and the bigger aren't too much deeper. I've been hit and miss throwing the traps deep. During the summer nights the trap is best just submerged.If you see them during the day, even better population. Small, to large rocky shore with gravel/sand in the area also. They like to also feed on the algae and junk on old leaves/vegetation. Somewhere level to lay the trap. Otherwise, edge of currents for rivers (put a rock in the bottom!). Talk to folks fishing in the area, maybe they've spotted a few. Very noticable (rusties, big) in Vermillion, and someone mentioned Mille Lacs. Some lakes in the Ely, Isabella area have rusties also, best to help get rid of them. Hope that gives you some ideas....google terry bullard, he has a lot of helpful info on his page. He builds traps also.
  13. crawdad

    venison marinate?

    Olive oil, cracked pepper & sea salt to taste, Lea & Perrins (worcestershire). Mix thoroughly, marinate for 2-4 hours, or longer. Hot gas grill, cook fast each side to medium well. The other is good old Italian dressing!
  14. crawdad

    Crayfish Traps/Trapping

    I've had the best luck with the oily fish also. Have also used liver. The 3 traps I ordered online have done well. They're a little larger size, but I had about 80-100 nice size rusties in one trap in a one night soak in Ely. The design is pretty simple but well thought out. Better than my first homemade box style traps, but I'd like to make something similar to the purchased ones. Bait boxes in the trap are key IMO.
  15. crawdad

    Cat Tip of the Day: Keep Mosquitoes Away

    I bought this last summer after reading all the good feedback. I tested it a few weekends camping/fishing in Ely. Was hard to tell, but seemed to work. During one test the skeeters were relentless by the hydro on Fall lake and unfortunately it didn't help at all. No wind, it had time to warm up, fresh refills...? Just my observations, want to give it another shot this summer. Glad to hear the prices have come down on refills! I won't give up yet...