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  1. fishnhuntnboy

    Mild/Mildew on rods!

    Thanks for the info. I'll try the bleach or vinegar on them. I know next winter I'll either take them out of the boat or just keep all the doors open.
  2. fishnhuntnboy

    Mild/Mildew on rods!

    Soooooo I kinda left all my rods in the boat over the winter and when I opened the rod locker I saw the foam handles had white spots all over them. Well then looking into further I saw it all over the rod and then all the cork handle rods had them on them too. . What is the best way to clean all my rods and reels? I will most likely spray inside the compartment too just in case. Is there anything that will kill/clean all this and not bleach any rods or my new boat? What sucks is I also have to clean the tow rope and a towel which these two I'm not to worried about as those should be able to throw in wash. Thanks
  3. fishnhuntnboy

    pickled pepperoncini recipes

    Both of these sound good! I haven't been on much and I did a simple recipe since this was my first time of 1 3/4 cups of apple cider vinegar, 2 1/4 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of canning salt, a garlic clove per jar and a bay leaf per jar. Boil the vinegar water and salt and pour over the peppers while hot. And let sit for 3 weeks. Your choice to do a water bath or not. I did not do the water bath and I think it should be ok.
  4. Looking to pickle some peppers this weekend. Anyone have any good recipes to try? I found a couple I like online that I may try but see what everyone else has too. Thanks Darrin
  5. fishnhuntnboy

    boat insurance

    I decided to go with Bob Lullen over at world wide marine. I tell you what he knows what he is doing and is very straight forward and passionate about what he does and makes sure that you are 100% cover for anything on you boat and trailer. Especially after doing research on other companies I can tell you that he will cover absolutely everything to where other insurances wont and at a very affordable rate!
  6. fishnhuntnboy

    boat insurance

    Thanks for the explanation. I will have to look at that also. Hoping that I can get insurance soon as I don't want to take the boat out without it.
  7. fishnhuntnboy

    boat insurance

    That's what I thought too. The insurance seemed pretty high. I have everything through state farm and thought that I would get a better deal. What do you mean ad riders to my home and auto insurance? I do have my fiance on all the things we own too if that's what you mean?
  8. fishnhuntnboy

    boat insurance

    I am currently shopping for boat insurance. I just picked up my new boat yesterday and not sure what type of insurance or who to go through. My boat is a 2016 Ranger vs1780 with a 135 e-tec on it. I did call my state farm agent and they quoted me 324 for the year with a Actual cash value. I also got a quote from progressive for 726 a year with a replacement cost value. Both have personal property coverage and what not. It's just hard to believe one is double the cost over the other. So question is what do I look for and is one going to be better than the other. What things should I find out and maybe other companies to look at. I did look up previous post but the earliest u could find was 2012/13 and not sure if there have been any big changes or not. Thanks Darrin
  9. fishnhuntnboy

    Yamaha 115 four stroke or Evinrude 135 ho

    I am in this same boat right now. As I made a post of this same question and then found this thread. I am also looking at getting the vs1780 and trying to pick a motor. Hooksetter which motor did you decide on and how do you like it?
  10. fishnhuntnboy

    which motor to get?

    So I have been in the process of looking for a new boat and planning on getting the ranger vs1780. Now I have to figure out which motor. The three I am picking from is the Evinrude E135DHX/DGX, Mercury 115EXLPT four stroke, or the Suzuki DF115ATXSS. What motors do you recommend or have you ran any of these? Thank you for any advice Darrin
  11. fishnhuntnboy

    07 f150 tires

    I am looking for a new set a tires for the truck. Size is 275/55/20. I have looked at the cooper zeon ltz and they look like a good tire. I have noticed i am pretty limited on tires with this size. Right now i have the nitto terras on my truck and they are not bad but want to see what else is out there. I also did look at the goodyear duratrac and they seem nice too. I want a All Terrain or a tire with some goood off road traction like the duratracs. Any info would be great! Thanks darrin
  12. fishnhuntnboy

    Walleye setups

    Thanks for the info! I am going to be really looking at the sportshow for rods and the good deal so hopefully will be able to get a couple rods! I am budgeted for up to 100 dollar rods and I know there are some good ones out there! What does the length help with the lindy rig? I have been looking at alot of 7' rods and didn't realize I may need bigger
  13. fishnhuntnboy

    Walleye setups

    I am looking to get a walleye rig or two setup for this year. Problem is I don't know what to get. I am new to the strictly walleye world. Right now I am looking for a rod to do lindy rigs with and using a jig/minnow setup. What would be a good setup for this and what kind of line? I'm mainly a bass fisherman but I want to learn to chase and how to fish for eyes and will prolly be picking everyone's brain this summer on what to look for. Also price wise I'm looking to my spend more than a hundred on the rod. Some that I have looked at are the magtouch and prodigys from the big C store brand, the skeet Reese and Abu gracias. Thanks for any and all info!
  14. fishnhuntnboy


    Yea it was a little spendy but well worth it for great company! Having a big feast on Thursday and excited to try this beast of a bird out and don't want to mess it up lol
  15. fishnhuntnboy


    Went and got a turducken today from byerlys. This is my first time cooking one up and seeing if anyone here has any tips and recommendations on cooking one up or any seasonings to put on or in it. Thanks for any advise!