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  1. the smelt are in the bellies of the lakers, salmon, and walleye's. Mostly the lakers. Yes smelt are and will continually be a thing of the past. History says when the lamprey nearly wipped out the Lakers, the smelt population went through the roof. Think what happened on Red Lake with the Walleye's and Crappies. Same thing happening on Superior to an extend. Lack of preadator, equals a boom in Crappie/Smelt. With the Lakers doing as well as they have pre-lamprey days we will never see the runs of smelt they had in the 60's. There are many eating machines in Lake Superior, and not many forage machines, thus the decline in smelt. Personally i think dip netting on the North Shore is a total waste of time if you are going for smelt. Stick to the south shore and sein nets for your best luck. I also would like to see the DNR ban dip nets in the rivers on the north shore, becasue of the effects that this can have on the looper and steelhead runs. Just my 2 cents!
  2. i agree with the fellas above, but why a lake? some of the best bass/pan/ski fishing i do is on a river(s) one that comes to mind is.....by Brainerd.....where the linder crew films a lot of tape....the river starts with a M and ends with a ississippi....... Hope i didn't give it away! Good fishing to all!!!!!!
  3. Sci- 1.St.Louis 2.Wind Blown Rocks 3.Clean sandy shore lines in between weed breaks. 4.Husky jerks 5. set the hook This was a week and a half ago, we really pounded them, haven't been out in the last week though, the kings are keeping me busy on the N shore. [email protected]
  4. CIBL- thinking of heading out there this friday, sat, and sunday. Hows the little river? any fresh fish? also gonna hit the pesh. Maybe we can hook up? [email protected]
  5. hi guys looking for some information on fishing the esox at night. Any key lures to get? I know the darker colors such as black and purple will turn more fish. Also do you fish with any light? Wear headlings on the head? or just let the moon shine? I fish a river system and the h20 temp is right around 50 degrees, would it be better to troll the channel edges or is slow the way to go by stick to casting the shallows and breaks with spinners and believers? Only 2nd year fishing them so any infor is appriciated. I did a search of night fishing for the ski's and pulled nothing. good fishing!
  6. In the last week or so me and my buddy have nailed a 40 and a 30 out of 2-4 feet of water and have had numerous follows. Its tough to do the figure 8 in a foot and a half of water. They were river fish. Also check the water temp in the lake, if its below 50 degree troll for them, it will increase your odds.....promise
  7. In the last week or so me and my buddy have nailed a 40 and a 30 out of 2-4 feet of water and have had numerous follows. Its tough to do the figure 8 in a foot and a half of water. They were river fish. Also check the water temp in the lake, if its below 50 degree troll for them, it will increase your odds.....promise
  8. heres one that will make you puke. Two years ago we were fishing 2 hours north of souix lookout by float plane. The first 2 days of the trip we went after walleyes and after 2 days everyone had caught well over 200 a piece so on the third day we decided to cast shorelines for pike. We had caught numerous pike though the morning, and i had become a custom to sliding one hand to paralize the fish and the other to remove the trebbles. After 40 fish or so this becomes a fairly quick and effevtive way of getting the fish back into the water. The i hooked into about a 6 lb pike, brought it into the side of the boat (still in the water) (we don't like to net to many of these fish becasue of the damage that they do to themselves and also its no fun untangling a rapla and a net that has been thrashed and spun in.) So as i went to parlaize it when the fish did a nasty head shake. When this happend the back trebble buried right into the inside bend of my thumb, and if that wasn't bad enough, the fish was still in the water trashing and trying to get away with the front treble in its mouth, very painful. So i hollared at my buddie who quickely got the fish in and we clipped the treble of and released the fish. The only other problem is that i have 2 days of fishing yet, no hospital within 200 miles and there a treble thats buried up to the bend in my thumb. So i felt around with the hook to make sure that it wasn't hitting and nerves and decided to go get a second opinion from another boat with some friends. I i went up to the boat i showed them my thumb and asked if they had any ideas. One of my friends told me about this slick way to get it out with some fishing line, pressure and pulling. I decided to do so that as he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Turns out he didn't know what he was doing as he broke the line twice trying to remove it. I am now in even more pain as the hole continues to grow in my thumb becasue of the 2 failed attempts to pull it out. So then i decided to make a trip back to camp, with all the buddies and take about 10 minetues worth of hard core jack daniels shots. After doing this i had enough courage to take a fillet knife and slit my thumb where the barb of the hook was (so it wouldn't rip a chunk out) this stung to say the least! Then my buddy who has a very week stomach said that we should go to try to get some help, i looked at him, took the needle nose and rip, pulled that hook right out. He imediatly started to puke, which i found very funny. Within in 30 minetues i was also puking, to much jack, but within 4 hours i was back and fishing with some duct tape as a bandage. yep thats a memory that will stay with us for a while!
  9. cibl- yeah its gonna be a by the seat of my pants trip, with working 40+ a week, and college, and the smallmouth bitting like crazy, its been tough to get into the salmon thing. Think i'm gonna hit the brule on sat at about 5 though, see if i can get a chromer, steelhead or coho, and then stick around after dark for some late lake run browns. I'll let you know how i did.
  10. CIBL What do you fish for kings with, spin or fly? What types of baits? I'm over on the north shore of duluth and mostly do the drift thing with yarn and spawn and the ocasinaly eggsucking leech. Because you can use trebles over there are there secret baits or tackle that i should pick up before i make a trip? Pathetic run over here so far so i might have to do some driving to the little or the pe****ago in comming weeks> keep me informed. [email protected]
  11. they are, thats why he said inland waters, you can fish below the boundaries until the water turns hard, and even after that you can still fish it!
  12. Fished the brule this evening, saw 2 small browns, none hooked, caught more trees than fish, this fly thing is quite new to me and i have a Bugger of a time casting with the indicator on, the line always seems to wrap. Bought some flies, but still looking for any information on how to fish this river. Just a rookie looking for guidence. I fished about 2 miles north of brule. Beautiful evening, just wish i was better with the fly rod! I heard from a very reliable source that a 20" steehead was caught 3 days ago. Rain, please Rain!! You'll be able to walk arcoss the river on fish if we get a good one. I will try to venture there again soon and hopefully catch something!
  13. hi guys, i bought my wis lic and i am ready to hit the brule. I don't have any idea where to start on this river, so any advice were to park, what flies are good, etc would be great! i'm a college student so when i'm not working and studying, i'm fishing. All c & r. I have a very detailed map of the river that states the holes and riffles and all that good stuff. Just need a starting point. 1 other question for those of you that fish browns at night, do you wear a head light on top of your head or will this spook them? Also will casting spoons and raps produce more night time browns than flies? Like i said, just a rookie looking for a starting point. Live in duluth and looking to hit the wis side until the kings start running the n shore. Thanks in advance. e-mail [email protected]
  14. hi guys, i', fairly new to the muskie thing, but i have a queation, my top water raider only rolles like a dog when i reel it in? do you think its defective or is there a certain type of leader i should be using. I would love to use the bait more because i have seen how efective they are, but i just can seem to work mine right. Any info would be greatly appriciated!
  15. looperhunter


    have only been doing this north shore and trout thing for 4 years now, i'm a farm boy from south western minnesota. Last year made the first of many journeys to the wisconsin side of the lakes, The root is better during the fall run of kings if you ask me, lots of 30+ fish taken last year, lots of fun The brule is a lot of fun for the true fly fishing atmosphere. The only thing that ruins fishing in wisc is the fact that many people use treble hooks, which is legal believe it or not. The root is the worst for this with many people ripping at the end of there drift. Pretty sad but thats life. Wisc and lake mich have so much to offer for the future of trout and salmon in the Great Lakes, and i must give the wisc dnr credit because they keep the fish comming and comming back!
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