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  1. Used a fishs ice toy saw to harvest the ice, chains saw to retouch out the outline and a dermel tool to add detail. Then drilled holes in the back to plug in LED lights.
  2. Thanks Man! There ain't nothing better than organic, free range ice captured in the wild. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
  3. Finally got one! The big guy put up quite a fight! Really messed up the chain saw. Organically grown, free range ice from lake Minnetonka is the best! Merry Christmas every one!
  4. I iced this bad boy up tonight. Put up heck of a fight! Really makes a mess out of the chainsaw! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  5. Use any bait you would use for small panfish. Wax worms on any pan fish lure will work. I've used the man-made stink baits in winter for trout and have had mixed results. Seems like once you throw that down your hole and catch one fish they catch on to the "stink" and stop hitting. Another problem with man made stink baits is trying to rub that stuff off you hand in ice cold water...you will go home with stink under your fingernails and stink up a pair of gloves!
  6. Rattle reels on a wood stick: Durable, easy to use, inexpensive, effective and when they lose attention the line is still fishing for them.
  7. I wait until they are done spawning to chase the species. Hopefully most of the anglers going out during pre-spawn and spawn are practicing catch and release. Epscially with the big girls.
  8. Tell them you let them go today so you can play a new game some day soon in the future.
  9. Not ordinary runoff...this was a huge spill: A million gallons of manure broke through a concrete-walled pit in southeastern Minnesota late Sunday night, fouling two trout streams before making its way into the Root River,
  10. Over a million gallons of cow manure heading your way!
  11. 1. Check the DNR web sight (or regulations book) Lake Finder web sight to determine if this is a designated trout lake. Just becasue there are trout in the lake does not automatically mean that it is a deignated trout lake. If it a designated trout lake read up on the special rules for fishing designated trout lakes. 2. Spinning rods are fine. In fact I catch almost all of my trou using ultralite 4lb test or my walleye rods (8lb test) with spin cast real. 3. Trout season for inland waters usually opens the same weekend as walleyes and northern...but chek the regulations for the species you are chasing. 4. Best times of year for most lakes is late May to Mid June for Rainbows. 5. Fishing with air injected nite crawlers floating up from the botton, floating power bait or cast small lures from shore are all effective methods. Hope this helps
  12. As you know...it's all based on the weather (water temps). The hot bite last year was a little early because of the warm spring. It's alway a gamble booking this early in the year but that's just the way it is. Last year we went the last weekend in June and did really well. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I think I am gonna take a road trip and start doing some scouting.
  14. Awsome! Thanks for the feeback everyone. Now I just gotta go shopping. Do these Minn Kota Terrovas ever go on sale?
  15. I have the older model 16Tf 2000 rebel and it has the flip foreward cover on a piano hinge located under the front seat.
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