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  1. For me a one pin was a great idea.... I am now going back to a multi pin as soon as the cash flow is there. I missed two deer this year, both got on me in heavy cover and I never had a chance to adjust the sight. On the other hand for target shooting I would say the one pin is the only way to go.
  2. Sandmannd I agree with you. I have to keep my thoughts to myself since they are not warranted in time of tragedy. I send prayers to the family... They buried a son who was way to young to lose his life.
  3. I bow hunt and was thinking of switching to a thumb style release. Which ones are top of the line or what do you use. Pros and cons of them? Anything you can add is helpful thank you!
  4. They do offer "stickers" To dress them up a bit.... I think they would grow on you after a little while? I need to get my new bow set up still and with hockey over for 1 out of 2 kids I may be able to get that done now.... FOBs are still in the running but they are in 2nd and still gaining.... I like to try new things.
  5. I have a new Diamond Black Ice and it pulls like butter.... Love it! Although you can't go wrong with a bow that makes you feel like it is an extension of you when shooting it. The name on the bow won't make the hunter/shooter better without it feeling right! Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech/Diamond and so many others are solid... Have fun, shoot straight!
  6. Thanks I will do a search on your other post....
  7. Anyone heard of these things? FOB stands for Fletching Only Better? even more important has anyone used them and what do you think of them? I am really considering these things, although they remind me of those toys that fly off like a helicopter blade. All the info I have seen seems like very positive but thought no better place then fishingmn.com to find out some true feedback!
  8. I shot a Fred Bear Instinct last year and loved it. VERY easy to draw and shoot and not too heavy on the pocket book. I need to buy a new bow this year due some issues with my shoulder during the season so I get the excitement of the hunt of a new bow as well.... Enjoy! Make your decision not just on $$$ but on feel and shooting as many as possible. Cabelas from the ad on the radio sounds like you can possibly get agood deal on the 2007 models??? Good Luck!
  9. 1. Eelpout/Northern Pike slime drinking contest. Most glasses downed in 5 minutes 2. Maggot munching how many maggots can one fit in there mouth without spitting them out. No fair calling them a fancy name like Euros. 3. Bobber Bobbing - Most bobbers out of a pile of fish guts using only your mouth. Bobbers can not be seen. 4. Flip over ice house sailing and jumping of into an open water area - closest to the center wins. High Winds or a vehichle to tow would be needed..... 5. Longest kiss with an eelpout 6. Who can hold there breath the longest after a night of Beer and Chinese food in a sealed tight sleeper house. 7 closest to the target. In a swimsuit you must run and then superman slide across the ice to a target with the closest to the center dot wins. Depending on time and year and snow cover will determine how far you are required to slide. 8. Who can eat the most slush out of a drilled hole in 5 minutes. Lake clarity must be considered for best affect.
  10. Plenty of deer on the camera but a broken toe and the flu bug ended my season early. I did get a new ground blind so I am so looking forward to next year..... No deer for me but it was a successful year. Saw deer but no shots that I can make, maybe a little more practice and 40 yards would be ok for me just not comfortable at that distance yet.
  11. Well he is still walking although I am having a bit of a problem. The evening before I was heading out I kicked my daughters sock down the stairs, unfourtunately the little block of wood molding, was right there. WHAM! Broken Toe , very hard to walk but hoping to try once more if I can. Otherwise I hope to see him next year! Camera is a Moultrie I40 and the ground blind is an Ameristep G20. The camera is perfect but the blind needs replacing!
  12. After too much time searching and gathering information I pulled the trigger and bought the Canon EOS 40D. After the official "What the @#$% were you thinking?" look from the wife I explained to her I wanted a nice toy for the family. I have to still look at the photos but so very happy as I didn't miss much on the Christmas festivities. Lots of learning to go from here..... Need a few extras still but over all I love the camera! Hope to get out soon and snap some photos in the wild!
  13. Any deer is a trophy... As stated before I would rather take a doe and let him grow. His "Daddy" is a massive deer which I have seen twice so either way I have one that will keep me up at night for the next year. I am hunting weekends or until I am lucky to harvest a deer. A doe or buck to me is a trophy!! I guess I will know IF I see him when I am out there. Hard to pass on him but will see what happens! Would love to see him get a year older. Also would like to see him in-person as well. Fisher Nice Buck...
  14. The area I hunt is light pressured hunting most years. There is a big bruiser still walking around at least a 10 pointer, under the QDM (quality deer managment) umbrella is this one to let go and wait until next year? if he walks by I might take him since it would be my first ever deer. His brow tines are my main reason I question of letting him go and maybe get another big buck out there for the next year? My hopes are for a doe but.... He is about 15 yards from my ground blind in this picture.
  15. I had to fight my ~100 pound lab with my arm when catching a fish so he wouldn't put his head down in the hole to go after a fish. He would not have fit into a 16 inch hole he was about a year old and solid. he needed a few less pounds but he was destined to be in the 90 pound range... Had to give him up do to allergies but man he loved those panfishing days!
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