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  1. The J-Man!

    Window shot

    So that is a Junco huh? I have seen more and more of them at my feeders lately but didn't know what they were. Cool pictures!
  2. The J-Man!

    During the snow tonight.

    Nice shots Wayne.
  3. The J-Man!

    Thank you

    I am another who loves the bird pictures you guys post on here. Living in the city, I don't get a large variety of species at my feeders so I love to see all the different birds that everyone gets at theirs. Thank you all for your posts!
  4. The J-Man!

    Caught 40" Musky icefishing

    That is a GREAT picture! And an awesome looking fish. Thanks for posting this.
  5. The J-Man!


    Hot Dogs from your local meat market usually are the best. They have that nice casing where you get that *SNAP* when you bite into them. Mmmmm! Otherwise Hebrew Nationals or Nathan's are my favorite store-bought dogs.
  6. The J-Man!

    Pulled Pork Help

    Sorry for the delay guys. The pork turned out amazing! My buddies raved about the taste which made me feel so proud. They went back for thirds and fourths! Thanks for everyone's suggestions, help and encouragement. I kept it very simple. I went with something very similar to pikestabber's method: Rub the pork good with olive oil. Coat with mixed rub (Grillmaster's Pork Rub). Sear all sides of the pork in a grill pan to give it a nice crust. Add beef broth and liquid smoke to the crock pot. Put in the pork on low. It was ready to eat after about 6 hours (it was only a four pounder), but it was closer to 8 hours before I pulled it (My friend had a pair of Bear Claws which made pulling it super fast). Before I pulled it people kept walking up to the crock pot with a fork and taking chunks off it. I had BBQ sauce available, but nobody wanted or needed it. It was a big hit that I will definitely repeat. I think a smoker is in order this Spring though... Thanks everyone!
  7. The J-Man!

    Pulled Pork Help

    These are AWESOME suggestions guys! I will probably incorporate a little of all ya'lls advice. I will report back the results, my method(s) used, and hopefully a Purple victory!
  8. The J-Man!

    Pulled Pork Help

    Sadly I don't have a smoker, but that sounds yummy!
  9. The J-Man!

    Pulled Pork Help

    Hey guys (and gals?), I am looking for an easy yet delicious pulled pork recipe. I am hoping to enjoy some with my friends during the Vikings/Packers game on Sunday. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. The J-Man!

    Winter is coming.

    They sure have! Darn squirrel leaped on to one of my feeders knocking it to the ground and broke it. They usually don't bother the feeders that much, but this Fall they have been a constant nuisance.
  11. The J-Man!

    Pecking order

    That one on the left sure thinks he's the alpha bird. I guess the guy in the back will just have to wait his turn. The Blue Jays in my backyard are definitely the bullies of my feathered friends. Except the one time a small murder of crows landed...
  12. The J-Man!

    Lake MIchigan Charter

    I have gone through Dumper Dan's out of Sheboygan several times and recommend them highly. They are a bit north of Milwaukee though. Good luck!
  13. The J-Man!


    No thanks. He's terrible. Hence the reason the Angels are dumping him.
  14. The J-Man!

    Rauch to Jays

    I believe so. There is another name to throw in the bullpen hat!
  15. "The Cardinals announced that they signed Nick Punto to a one-year deal" Folks either seemed to love him or hate him. I always appreciated his defense, and will always remember the cloud of dirt his belly flopping into first base left in the air. You had to wait for the cloud to settle before you knew if he was safe or not.