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  1. The rice crop in the Park Rapids area was a bust this year. My partner and I went out again tuesday and it became pretty obvious, pretty fast,that the rice was wind beaten and gone. We talked with the rice processors and they told us that it was a bust everywhere. The wind has been out of control, along with rising water levels. So hopefully mother nature won't be so stingy, next year. Leechmann
  2. I finished harvesting the honey today. I ended up 93 medium supers full, which is approximately 2800 pounds. We start extracting tomorrow. I'll take some pic's and let you know how it goes. Leechmann
  3. Went ricing today. It didn't take long and we knew that the rice was just not ready yet. We riced for about an hour and decided to give the rice some more time. We're going to give it a week. I let you know how it goes. Leechmann
  4. I may have a way to get my bees through the winter this year. I am in the process of hooking up with a farmer that lives in Kansas. I'll haul my bees down there in Oct. and bring them back in the spring, if it all works out. Thanks Swamptiger
  5. Quick update on todays harvest. Day 2 on the 2010 honey harvest. We brought in 35 more medium supers of honey, for a honey weight of 1050 lbs, for a two day total of 2220 lbs of honey. 8 hives to go, hoping to break 3000 lbs. Leechmann
  6. Thats awesome Peatmoss, that would be really cool to know how to make wreaths. Yeah, my buddy picked, I want to say 3 tons of balsom boughs last year. Lots of hard work, but who's afraid of hard work? LOL. Maybe you should do a little demo on HSO. It would be a great thread.
  7. Here's a few pics from today.We harvested 39 boxes of honey off these 6 hives at an average of 30 lbs of honey in each box, which comes to 1170 lbs of honey from this group of hives. Thats a 195 lb average, which is very good. I have 16 more hives to tend to in he next few days. In the second pic, you can see some bees that are hatching. Leechmann
  8. Quatersawn, it depends how you want to maket your rice. Also depends where you harvest your rice. There are two rice processors in Cass Lake and I think they both buy green rice. The names are Bruhns wild rice processing and Geurkes. These are the two places I know of, but I'm sure there has got to be someone closer to you.
  9. Hey Peatmoss, no we haven't started yet. We had planned to go today, but the rice just isn't ready yet. We're going to take another look at it Monday. There are a few people out, but the processer people told us the rice that's coming in is needle rice. Meaning that the kernels haven't filled out. You pick pine boughs? My buddy does too. Balsom?
  10. The wild rice season opened up on August 15, 2010 in MN. Let's post some pictures of our ricing harvest on this thread. My partner and I are going to let the rice ripen for a few more days, then get the Advil bottles out and let the fun begin.
  11. Tweedlap, thanks for the question, No, it makes no difference what color the boxes are painted. The only thing, I can think of,would be if you live in a very warm climate, white would be a good color, just to deal with the extreme heat. Other than that, they say buy whatever color paint is on sale.
  12. [img:center] Checkout the how tall these sunflowers and corn grew.
  13. [img:center] Just thought I'd give you folks an update on the Leechmann honey bee world. Everything is going very nice. I started with 22 hives this spring. Throughout the summer, I've managed to catch 8 swarms. I've made good use of my bee vacum. I'm about 2 weeks away from taking the honey and extracting it. The picture above is of my best producing bee yard this season. Each one of those boxes should produce at least 25 lbs of honey.
  14. Does anyone know what type of flower this is?
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