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  1. I agree with Riverrat except on the Mississippi Pool 8. Same time of year and high water, the higher the better. The fish will be in close to shore and stacked up. Working the current breaks with a jig/minnow is the ultimate in finesse fishing. Fishing is Life.
  2. Walleyes 15-20 I fish the mississippi that has a 15" min. So far this year I've released 20 fish over the 20" mark. Gills 7"-10" anything smaller then 7" isn't worth cleaning in my book. 9"-10" fish have been in the system for quite some time and have had plenty of time to leave their mark on the gene pool. 3 spawning seasons leaves them with about 500,000 offspring to carry on the genes. Crappie 9"-12" only in the winter or spring cold water. Warm water crappies seem to be softer texture and I like firm fillets Perch I don't really catch enough but I'll keep them if over 9" Bass C&R If caught, seldom targeted Pike C&R If caught, seldom targeted Catfish C&R I love the fight. I don't believe live bait is a bad thing for C&R. It's not the bait that gut hooks a fish, it's the fishermans lack of attention to his lines that causes that almost every time. Plastics don't gut hook fish because they are always fished in a hands on presentation. How many fish would you catch on a ringworm or twister tail if you just hooked it up and tossed it out there on the bottom? Not many. Do that with a willow cat or nite crawler and then take a nap or walk away or whatever and you'll have a gut hooked fish. Ive caught alot of eye's on live bait and gut hooking is not a problem ever, but then I fish hands on with live bait. As far as I know Wisconsin and Minnesota have passed laws insuring our RIGHTS to hunt and fish. The licences are required to finance the DNR's efforts. Regulations are in place to insure proper use of the resources most of the time, some are there solely out of polictical reasons. Taking care of the resources we have should be the #1 priority in every sportsmans mind and open minds can solve most any problem. Fishing is Life. [This message has been edited by Bodyman (edited 06-30-2004).]
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    The season is in full swing in the Lacrosse area. My son and I picked about 10# in a couple of hours this afternoon. The rains and warm temps have them growing like crazy. Fishing is Life.
  4. Thanks everyone, the family and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Fishing is Life.
  5. Thanks everyone, the family and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. muskybuck, If you fished the channel by Blackdeers much then you did fish by him. He spent alot of time there chasing bluegill and crappies. cibl, I have no problem with you moving it to the ice fishing main forum. Nobody knew ice better than my uncle, he had been walking on it for 65 year or better. He would be one of the first to venture out on new ice and one of the last to give it up for the year. The spot where he was fishing is an inlet to the lake and never makes alot of ice. Springs in the area, current flow, and warming temps all led to the accident. He had fished it the day before but the ice changed over nite. No matter what you think you know it's not enough. If someone can learn from this that would be a positive side to this tragedy. Sinker, I did read about that and know where it happened. He must not been from around there or never been on the river not to know the dangers of that spot. Just last week one of my coworkers went thru the ice south of lake onalaska on the Black river riding double on a sled. The driver had never been on the ice there before and there was only a couple of inches. After a cold dip in 10 fow and a swim for good ice both survived but they both could have drowned so easily. I think if my uncle would have been a younger man he would have made it out okay. Fishing has a way of keeping you young in heart and mind, his body just wasn't able. Thanks again. Fishing is Life.
  6. From what I heard it is something thru ace hardware in Lacrosse. You could check with them on the time of the event. Fishing is Life.
  7. A fisherman fell thru the ice on Lake Onalaska yesterday and drowned. It hits close to home for me because he was my uncle. He taught me alot about fishing thru his life time. At age 75 he was a true river rat. He lived for it and died doing what he loved. I know he knew the ice he was on was shakey at best having fished that area for as many years as I can remember. He had fished it the day before with success and had taken a buddy with yesterday to see if the bite was still on. I guess he pushed his luck to far and paid the ultimate price. I am angry with him because I know he knew better than to put himself at such a risk. I will miss him. Ice is never safe no matter how much time you have logged on it. Be careful out there. Fishing is Life.
  8. Web_1, I lost my new motorola down the hole a few weeks ago on winnie, off from sugar bar. My buddie had a cam with and we could see it on the bottom in 24' . I tried to hook on to it with a jigging rapala, those things usually hook up on anything but not my radio. Spent the rest of the afternoon looking at it with disgust knowing it was lost even though I could still see it. It was a gift from my oldest son for christmas and the first time I had used it. Same thing, stood up in the shack and it fell out of my pocket, one bounce and a swish down the hole. Now I'm wondering with at least 2 of them down there maybe the perch will pick up on our technology and use it against us in some way. Fishing is Life.
  9. TommyGun, I used to live in Hudson and got to fish Little Falls winter and summer. Your right in thinking that the lake has potential. I've had good luck and no luck fishing it, but then that's fishing. There are alot of small perch in the area of the dam but you will catch some in the 10" range. The only crappies I caught were all in the summer, fishing off the dam. They were very high in the water column, fished them with a minnow 2' under the bobber. Most were around 10". Gills are abundant but I never got one over 8". I was just learning the lake when I moved and had planned to do alot more. I never ice fished it out on the main part of the lake, mostly concentrated on the dam area and the deeper water looking for perch and crappie. I was told there is a crib not far out from the boat landing and I did see people fishing that area. One thing I did find out the ice goes out very fast on that lake when it starts to thaw. The run off muddies it up and the current flow undercuts the ice. Thanks for the post, it's good to see someones fishing it. Had it to myself most of the times I was out there in the winter and you have to love that in the land of many people. Fishing is Life.
  10. You should take a look at the Garmin line. I've had the Etrex for 4 years now and have had nothing but good luck with it. First off it's one of the easiest units to use, which is a plus in my book. I have friends that have more expensive units but have a hard time learning how to use it to it's full potential. The tracking feature is nice to have. It tracks your movement and stores it on the map screen. If your ever on a big lake when visiblity is poor,white out,fog or darkness you'll be able to follow your tracks back safely. If your intention is to use this for hunting and fishing you really don't need one with mapping capabilites.If you want the mapping other units in the etrex line do have that. The Etrex sells for around $100 and is as accurate as any unit out there. It will hold up to 500 way points and can interface with your pc. With that option you can go to Garmin web site and update your units software for free. Garmin also works well with the LakeMaster software, the best maps I've seen. I have the software on my pc and plan out my fishing trips to winnie right here at home. Marking spots with waypoints that I want to check out then transfering them to the Etrex then heading to the lake. If your looking for a unit that has mapping software, you can spend a pretty penny. The software that comes with the unit is basicly a roadmap, but you pay a premium price for that map. If you wish to add maps to your unit then you have to buy the chip or software which ever your unit calls for and if you check out the prices of the software you can double the cost of the unit to get it the way you want it. I know that Garmin GPS with mapping will take the hotspots map and LakeMaster. The LakeMaster has just been recently added by Garmin and is in my opinion the best mapping software out there. If I ever step up from the Etrex I will go with Garmin because of the good luck I've had with their Etrex. Good luck with what ever unit you buy. Fishing is Life.
  11. I've only caught 1 pout and it was on Winnie a few weeks ago. We were in 21' of water and it was suspended at 12'. I saw the mark on the vex and reeled up to it. We saw another one in 26' with the camera pointing up, it was suspended also. It looked to be about 10' below the ice. Both were big females the one I caught was just about 8 pounds and was great with melted butter. I've always thought they were bottom fish but I guess not. Buckshot rattle with minnow head. Fishing is Life.
  12. I haven't been down to Genoa for awhile but I'm sure there's good ice. There is a wayside for fisherman parking off the highway right across from the lock and dam. You will be able to tell if there has been anyone fishing the ice by the foot path across the channel. Path or not I would carry an ice spud to check as you go. Fish can be caught all day down there but an early/late bite has always been the norm. I have done well for walleye just off the shore on the Wisconsin side in about 15',south of the long wall, but that was a late bite,hour before sunset to an hour or so after. Jigging raps has always been my best producer, silver and black, and orange #7's. The Mn side of the river has more structure but you have to make the crossing to get there, Be safe!! Good Luck. Fishing is Life.
  13. Can it be Luck has it right, the pack rules the new NFC North. Back to back years as Division Champs. Last year round one of the playoffs, this year round 2. Look out for next year. "nuff said" Fishing is Life. Football is just a game.
  14. Cavasback, I know where your talking about I fish south from there most of the time. The whole area is mostly stump fields,very shallow with acouple channels running thru it. Iv'e been fishing in 6' of water. I am convinced if you look for water over 3' you'll find fish anywhere out there. The corp of engineers put in the rock dam and islands out there to replace the natural islands that used to be there but washed out due to flooding. Their main reason was to create waterfoul habitat with the benefit to the fisheries a pleasant plus. I'll hit it again this weekend, hope this cold front moving in doesn't shut them down again. Fishing is Life. [This message has been edited by Bodyman (edited 01-13-2004).]
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