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  1. Best way to reach me is on my cell, (218) 652-4010 I'll be back up north from the 21-30 if anyone is seriouse and wants to take a look, Ecker house movers were out to look at it last weekend so they are now familiar with it if you have any questions about moving it
  2. Thats why I moved it myself, to get someone to do it you have to pay to play, how far do you need to go with it?
  3. Thanks Mike,glad to hear it worked out for you and that its going to get used, hope you can sit back and enjoy it now that the hard parts are done.
  4. If anyone wants to view it or has any specific questions about it give my cell a call at (218) 760-2572 I'm going to be heading back to Indiana today but can make arrangements with my Dad if someone wants to view it. Its about 7 miles west of Walker, anything beyond that just give me a call and I can give specific dirrections and set them up with my Dad to look at it. I won't be around a computer for a few days so my cell is the best way to get ahold of me. I can get some more pictures of it is someone wants to see anything specific, otherwise those pics are just meant to give someone an idea of what it is, best bet is to come and see it in person.
  5. yes, the light beige building more pics available upon request but be specific about what you'd like to see. The bottom building in that album was sold this spring on here.
  6. For sale is a 24x24 2 bedroom 3 season Ex-resort cabin to be moved. 1/2 the shingles are new as of last fall and the other half within the last 3-4 years. Its a very solid building, no major defects just needs some minor cosmetics to be 100%. A similar "new" 4 season cabin in the menards flyer was about $28k in materials + foundation +Labor. This would make a great hunting cabin. Its currently sitting on blocks and will be a very easy move, storage can be arranged once payment is recieved. It will need some minor work such as ceiling tiles,possibly carpet and probably a bathroom remodel but again structuraly it is a very solid building.Even comes complete with the original resort funiture, beds, dishes, fridge, propane range, etc. The building is located about 7 miles west of Walker, MN (Zip 56484)Be prepared for moving costs to be from $3000-$7500 and up depending on distance to move. Basically this isn't for everyone, but if you have the time, money and inclination this is a great buy. Seriouse inquires only please. http://eckerhousemoving.com/Area.htm <-- These guys are supposed to be pretty good and are local (I moved it myself with a 20k trailer so if you have the equipment it is a possibility) The back history on this is that I bought it, moved it myself and had big plans for it, now I have a job in Indiana. I had this sold this spring but the buyer never came through with the money so its for sale again. Like I said before, seriouse inquires only please, it'll be a great buy for someone but there are moving costs and some work involved so keep that in mind. The building can be stored for a predetermined period of time once payment is made. I can be reached at (218)760-2572 to answer any questions or give dirrections for viewing. http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u264/Silver0dd0/
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