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  1. trailratedtj

    MN Winter Trout Season

    thats the 2009 year regs for january 1, 2009-march 31, 2009, not 2010. no season is listed for the upcoming year of 2010 for a winter trout season. the spring catch and release and regular season for 2010 but no winter season.
  2. trailratedtj

    MN Winter Trout Season

    question.... normally the SE MN winter trout season opens Jan 1st. Is this so for the 2010 season? I cant find this season listed anywhere under the trout season regs and the fishing season event calendar. IF you look at the winter trout fishing tab it is still there but it only says jan 1st-march 31st, no year. The event calendar shows the season opening back up April 1st for catch and release. is there still a season or no?
  3. trailratedtj

    Are Steelhead a forgotten species in Minnesota now????

    hey fellas, whats the chances of running across some steelhead this late of the year. im planning on being up north pass grand marais? would it be worth giving it a shot?
  4. trailratedtj

    Trout Pics... 2009

    geez!!!! you gotta love those full head to tail rises!!! i GOT to fish this weekend. Ive been stuck in boring Nebraska for 3 weeks and this video just crushed me!!
  5. trailratedtj

    eagle creek? {savage mn}

    sorry its been over 2 years since i fished it and i dont recall seeing any signs.
  6. trailratedtj

    eagle creek? {savage mn}

    i dont think its a designated stream?
  7. trailratedtj


    Seems as I got the hook up from work this week, I'll be fishing the Brule Thursday through Saturday. Air temps are suppose to be in the lower and mid 40's for highs. I'll be fishing by myself so if anyone want to join up shoot me an email dnelson @ oaconsulting com
  8. trailratedtj

    eagle creek? {savage mn}

    they are very very timid. I fished it 2 years ago and saw 2 or 3 fish. The only reason i saw them was due to me spooking them. I did see one rising close to the mouth near a root ball but he was quickly out of there the minute he saw my line hit the water 10 feet upstream from it. havent been back since. i might would give it a try again if i lived right beside it but its not worth driving too, if you ask me.
  9. trailratedtj

    Rod & Reel suggestion for river salmon?

    fly or spinning setup?
  10. i didnt see anyone toting an extra rod where i was at. when i went down to check the mouth out i saw 2 rods laying on the bank with know one around them, one spinning and one fly rod. there were people fishing 20-30 yards each way of them though.
  11. yeah, but it was fun. i dont know whats up with my thermometer, i knew it was off, at one point i even tied 20 feet of tippet on it and chunked it out in the middle of a deep pool and let it sat for 15 minutes and it still showed 38 degrees! $20 bucks down the drain.
  12. well shes wasnt below two hundred but she was close. I really wanna to get out and stretch the legs, do a little fishing, and look for some new water. so i took off to the u.p. I left the house at 7pm on friday and got to Ontonagon at 1pm, water was froze and with the lack of access to the upper reaches of the river i decided to keep driving. At 3pm we rolled into Marquette. Saturday we fished the Carp river and check out the Chocolay River. Not to much was happening there. So, since i was in the driving mood i figured we would drive back over the brule and do some scouting on sunday. Sunday we hiked around 8 miles of the brule, from hwy 13 upstream, it sure wasn't the most fun hike, and wading definately wasn't fun( i'm not the biggest person in the world). All in all not to bad of a weekend, my [PoorWordUsage] hurts from falling down the hillsides on the ice and from the drivers seat. The brule was around 213cfs when i left this afternoon. Clarity wasnt the greatest. Crowds werent too horrible. My thermometer read 38 degrees water temp this morning and 40 this afternoon. seems like these readings were a little high, i got a brand new thermometer so it might not be working right. a couple of the fellas i talked to caught legal size chrome, (2 in total). some juvies were caught but besides this, not to much action. speaking of action, my cloudveil 8x waders sprung 3 leaks and received one tear from this weekend. must have been when i slid 50-60 feet down an ice covered hillside on my bum, i think i caught every [email protected] stump in the A$$ on the way down. pretty scary to when your holding onto your brand new sage z-axis and watching the tip bounce off every tree on the way down. first weekend of steelheading and i've already got over 1000 miles on the rig. tight lines, Daniel
  13. she's at 299cfs @ 7am this morning. she dropped over 63cfs in 24hours. maybe she might make it below 200 by saturday. my fingers are crossed.
  14. trailratedtj

    how do i

    post in the for sale forum?
  15. trailratedtj

    Wont stop licking his

    you should call the vet back and see if they have an medicine that helps the dog avoid liking the spot. i got my boy snipped last april or may, the vet gave me some stuff in a bottle to rub on the wound. Its basically a horrible smelly substance that help the dog stay away from the wound. its smell so horrible that a dog doesnt even like it. WARNING if you do get ahold of some of this stuff make sure you wear gloves when applying it.