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  1. Yes, I believe it was called the widow maker. And yes, a little bit to much for me.
  2. Nope, didnt even die trying. And yes TuTs has my buisness.
  3. In Garrison, Mn their is basically 2 bait shops. One on 169 and one on 18. Saturday I stopped on 169 and paid $6.79 for 1 decoy minnow. Today I stopped at the other. $2.69 for 1 decoy minnow. Guess who won my business.
  4. Just thought I give an update to this. I had a nice pike come in and smack my minnow and drag it way outside the hole. I tried to pull him back but he (she) got the minnow. Now I'm out of minnows and forced to use another decoy. About an hour latter another nice pike came in. I got that and wondered, hmmmmmm. Yup my minnow was in his stomach, hole under the dorsel fin from the harness and all.
  5. That's a hard question to answer. I had a sucker minnow and a decoy down and speared the biggest of my life and he wanted nothing to do with the live decoy. Then other days they wanted nothing to do with the decoy and tormented the sucker. I guess that's why they call it fishing.
  6. I agree people have there right to there opinion. But it is this opinion that stopped spearing in 82-83 when the dnr starting stocking muskies in mille lacs. All the spearers were going to spear them all illegally is what the opinion's were.
  7. Yup, and my sisters ex husband's brothers wife's friend saw this as well. Why did he not call the dnr instead of telling him to leave if he is truly this upset over spearing?
  8. I have launched here before. Never again!!! Sounds like Garrison sports or the Red Door would be the best choices. “Yeah and 95 percent of them are spear houses,” Terry Thurmer, of Terry’s Boat Harbor said. “But I don’t let them out of here.” Thurmer is not very happy about the DNR decision to allow spearing of northern pike on Mille Lacs. “I think it is the absolute worst thing the DNR could have done. If you look at the south end of the lake, they are all spear houses. Most of them people are going out of public access. That’s not bringing any business to resorts.” Thurmer’s neighbor up the road a spell disagrees with Thurmer. Kari Hough of Garrison Sports said his business is way up from last year at this time. His rental spear houses have all been full, or nearly full, for the last three weeks. He is selling a lot of merchandise to the sportsmen and women – everything from spears and harnesses to bait. “I don’t have anything to complain about,” Hough said.
  9. Was anybody able to get the last days of the season? I was able to get out today but no lookers.
  10. What's odd to me is every time they talk about what to do to fix Mille Lacs I never here about Muskies. Are Muskies vegans? Or do Muskies have a little walleye snack once in awhile?
  11. I used to push my blocks under then I put my underwater camera down. 18"-20" of ice sure looks wierd under the ice. Its not for me. I always push my block back in.
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