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  1. Canned Chicken ala king and stove top stuffing. Doesn't get any easier and very taste.
  2. True

    hummingbird 597 ice

    I've got to tell ya I'm [PoorWordUsage] this unit shows up with no chart/nav menu. Customer support says turn it on and leave it outside awhile so I do. 1 hour later nothing. Call support again lady says initialize GPS . I say how I have no chart/nav menu to get that option. She says send it in. I say that's dump it should work out of the box.
  3. True

    hummingbird 597 ice

    Thank you for all of your review, good and bad. I decided to buy the 597 in hope that it will be a 3 trick pony. But if not it can just stay in the boat.
  4. For those of you who have actually used the 597 ice can I please get an honest review? Maybe some pro's and con's also. Thank you
  5. Fishinfools I had the same problem what I did to get mine to work was, I removed the spool and made sure the retainer on the inside of the spool was tight. After that I removed the internal cover. After that I loosen the 2 screws that are attached to the piece of metal that moves the gear out. I loosened both of them about a 1/2 turn apiece. I then replaced the cover making sure it seated in the correct position then put the spooler back together and it worked like a champ.
  6. Diawa regals are on sale for 50 dollars at gander right now.
  7. ammo box. cheap and effective.
  8. I have all left-handed bait casters and I like all of them but here's how i would rate mine. penn 321i good but not great for a 100 bucks. penn 209l best bang for the buck at 60 smackers. abu 6501c3 great all around reel for channels and flats at 85 big ones. abu 7001i the best as far as I'm concerned but over sized for channels 90 bills. That"'s my thoughts on it. Some of these other guys probably have more knowledge on it than me and I'm sure they'll chime in.
  9. Rushing I know what you mean. I was doin the fan swat the whole time. Dtro that spot is a boom or bust, but I love it when I need a spot fast and easy.
  10. Awful between the skeeters and the wolf spiders I was pretty busy.
  11. Thought I would share this with you. I was fishing by myself and this is by far the biggest meanest and hardest fish to photo alone. But I fought, photoed and released the fish in good time and as you can see I was a little excited.Oh and it was 36 pounds
  12. True

    bait for bait

    I use gulp crawlers work just as good and they don't spoil in the sun.
  13. True

    How to?

    Hey all just wondering if you can test a baterry charger with a meter to see if it's working? If so how? Thanks
  14. True

    Rod holders

    I'll shoot some photos of my rod holders this afternoon as I have 3 different mounting styles on my boat.
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