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  1. T Bone

    TOP 5 LURES?

    i dont have alot of money to spend so i am trying to find the lures that work the best for others so i wont waste money on lures that dont work.
  2. T Bone

    TOP 5 LURES?

    i am looking to really hardcore get into muskie fishing and i was just seeing what your guys' top 5 muskie lures are and there color and size. i am wanting to fill up my new musky tackle box. THANKS!
  3. T Bone

    French lake muskies????

    i was thinking about buying a bulldawg, but i have never used one, what is the go to color for those things? and how should i fish them? ohh, and thanks for all the tips!
  4. Anyone know when the muskies start turning on, we will only be able to fish there once so the most detailed you could be would be GREAT! we went there last year but i think it was too early in the year. it was all green and mucky then, but i keep hearing how great a muskie lake that place is in the fall, but what time? and what lures should we be fishing with and should we be fishing in the shallows or off that giant bar. when does it turnover? or should we just try going to waconia?
  5. my grandpa and I are thinking about going to bryant lake this week but we are just debating on going because we havent been there in a while and didnt know how that lake has been doing for bass and tiger muskies. Thanks!
  6. T Bone

    Pierson/Wasserman Lake Carver Co?

    That sucks, wasserman is my favorite tiger lake! we almost catch one over 40 inches there every time!