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  1. Larry FlatCaster

    Black Ops 2, info released...

    Had a chance to link up with Deitz last night... was introduced to Mosh Pit and finally for the first time got to play Nuke Town 2025...... What a Blast!!! We even did fairly respectable..... for me that's saying alot. I'll be playing some more of that later on today.
  2. Larry FlatCaster

    Black Ops 2, info released...

    You got the day off tomorrow... or are you looking tear someone up after the Snowblower fiasco? I'll be waiting till tomorrow night.
  3. Larry FlatCaster

    Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360

    I'll have to wrestle this game from my kid and give it a shot. I liked the first one.
  4. Larry FlatCaster

    Satellite in Fish House

    You might have to plug the receiver to a live dish to get the updates, if its been sitting dormant for an extended period of time. You can also try to hit menu and or exit and see if that allows you to bypass the update process. (I'm guessing you would have done that already). Good luck
  5. Larry FlatCaster

    No-roll (flat) lead weights anywhere in town?

    Careful if your using them anywhere that doesn't have some current.
  6. Larry FlatCaster

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice Fish ETH!!! Congrats on the PB.
  7. Larry FlatCaster

    Pool 2 Catfish Contest Photos/Results/Video

    great contest! can't wait till next year!
  8. Larry FlatCaster

    My Favorite Creek Chub Spot

    Try some dechlor and some coarse salt. When you introduce the bait to water. Try not so shock them with a major temp change. As Gordy mentioned Anything you can do to prep the water ahead of time really helps.
  9. Larry FlatCaster

    How long will my bullheads last??

    You will want some type of aerator, and or change out the water frequently. Try not to pack too many in the pail. It doesn't take long for them to run out of air.
  10. Larry FlatCaster

    COD MW3 Discussion

    I've had a few of those "OH OH" moments also with those Jugger's..... I keep meaning to get me one of those.....some day.
  11. Larry FlatCaster

    COD MW3 Discussion

    As with anything. As the novelty wears off, and the honeymoon winds down were more apt to call it for what it is. MW3 I feel is an improvement over BO. MW2 I think will be an untouchable favorite for most of us forever. I can't even come close to the kill streaks that I used to get and still get with the MW2 compared to the newer ones. I still have fun playing though.
  12. Larry FlatCaster

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish Mr.Special!!!
  13. Larry FlatCaster

    So you say you want to catch a flathead catfish eh?

    I'll second that! Flatcaster or bust!!! Thank goodness I have a hard head....cause the wall is hurting more than me!!! I hope?!?!?!
  14. Larry FlatCaster

    COD MW3 Discussion

    I spy a predator Drone!!!
  15. Larry FlatCaster

    Favorite channel bait

    Bubba Gump!!!!! A good way to go!