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  1. Sent you a message, let me know if I can be of any other help.
  2. What kind of fish are you targetting? Crappies, Northern, Walleye, etc?
  3. Looks good! Hard to tell, but are you running just straight steel for the wheel lift, or is there some sort of suspension?
  4. I have been debating about building a house out of a pop up frame also. Would be very interested to see how your new axle set up is!
  5. I picked up one of the last Vx-1 Pro's at Gander yesterday, $299, and they gave you a $50 gift card. Figured it was a pretty decent deal since they very rarely go on sale!
  6. Couple years ago me and a group of friends were fishing Winnie, they had some porta potty's out on the ice compliments of the resort we went through. Well a buddy of mine decided it was time to go "use" the facilities, and after a couple of minutes one of the resort trucks with a plow comes behind the outhouse and is pushing it to move it to a different spot with our friend still in there! He dove out of the house before he got his pants up, oh boy We laughed forever, and still to this day about that!
  7. Just left the L and M store and all there fish houses are on sale right now too.
  8. friends were on prairie today, said only 3" near small island, but 8" on most rest of lake
  9. "If you can read this, your within range" or "tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again"
  10. Havent lost a fish down the hole yet, but so far my tally is pair of sunglasses, Knife, Rod/Reel Combo and a tape measure... Somebody could become rich diving for the dump people drop down the holes!! Nice Fish!!!
  11. my dad lives on dupont lake rd in hibbing and he was telling me today one of his friends caught a 10lb walleye out of carrie lake last week.I called talk but hey you never know
  12. I personally Don't know if you need to lower the bag limit. but I do support slot limits. I see it more times then not though, People, keeping fish that are in the slot (I have seen friends of mine doing this) Needless to say I dont fish with them any more. This ticks me off more then anything, the slot limits are there for a reason. When I go fishing, I mainly target crappies/walleyes, And I would like to see a slot limit on crappies something like nothing under 8" and 1 over 13" This would not have a drastic impact on getting huge slabs, But I think you'd get more "Decent" Sized crappies in the long run. I too have seen plenty of people keep tiny crappies and It's like why? I typically keep 9-12" crappies for my dinner table
  13. shoot me at email fastmofo300 @ aol . com I'll give you some more pointers for winni Ive found useful
  14. I lost my sun glasses and my best pocket knife down the fishing hole this year.. Lol. thats about my only entertaining stories
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