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  1. For all you guys that have permanent houses, how do you keep the holes open from one weekend to the next? Do you just re drill them each weekend, or do you move it each weekend? Anything that we can put in or over the hole to keep it from freezing shut again?
  2. WhiskyPete, I'm intersted in your stove, drop me a line. [email protected]
  3. One more time to the top. Thanks for any tips in advance.
  4. Thanks for the replys. Any other interior help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. We are rookies at this permanent shack stuff but have the crank down frame and exterior purchased, we just need to finish off the interior. Any words of wisdom would be helpful. Especially what type of heater, cook top/stove, bunks, lights,... pretty much everything. Thanks in advance for your help!! rodbender
  6. You won't be disappointed with the Strikelite. The speed it drills is very equivilant to the Lazer (which I owned for several years) but the weight is what I purchased it for. When hole hopping I carry the auger in one hand and the Marcum/rod in the other. I haven't had one problem and I've owned mine for 2 years.
  7. After the mice were finished with my Otter Medium canvas this fall, I took it to a laundry mat and used their biggest washer. Plenty of quarters, but it got rid of the urine/[PoorWordUsage] smell.
  8. What will a high preasure system do the fishing?
  9. Nice catch Marv! I was there on Sunday too. Way too windy to be too enjoyable in a portable. Pretty fancy Marcum/Vex storage you built. Is that for a permanent shack?
  10. Same thing happened to my Otter this year. 15 holes. Mice dump all over. Took to laundery mat. Washed it. Ordered repair kit from Otter $9. Included TearMend which you can get at local hardware store. Cut circles of fabric and glued them on front and back. Worked like a charm and looks just fine. Good fishing.
  11. Thanks for taking the plung so all of us could see how easy it was to get out. I think green would be nice to match all those Otter shacks.
  12. I also ran the StrikeLite last winter. Loved it! Quiet, smokeless, cuts just as fast as my Lazer, and very light. Had zero problems, even when people that borrowed it laid it down on the wrong side. Just fired it up last week for this season.
  13. VERY NICE DTRO! Thanks for sharing. Imagine if that would have been through the ice?!
  14. Thanks guys. I have plenty of the jigs from "YourBobbersDown" as well as marmooskas but no diamond jigs. Not sure what a Diamond Jig is. Is this a vertical presentatin similar to a pilkie but 3D diamond shaped? Also are the NUGGIES from Little Atom really better than others?
  15. I love the ratso and the shrimpo but have found that fishing deeper water is a pain due to the amount of time it takes to get down to the fish. Have any of you used plastics on other heavier jigs or modified them in any other way to help out with this problem?
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