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  1. Hammertime

    NutriSource dog food question?

    I just started feeding my dogs Diamond Performance (purple bag). I had them on ProPlan forever but @ $44 bucks a bag I was spending a lot of food! I feed according to reccomendations but with a 4 year old and 10 month old GSP they eat quite a bit. The Diamond was $24 per bag @ fleet farm, basically half the price. The ingredients were quite close, with chicken being #1. Let me know how diamond has worked for you all, just trying to cut expenses but I want quality food. I mixed it with the proplan to get them switched over but had to deal with some major gas issues for a week or so! Coats looked awesome on proplan and im hoping everything stays the same.
  2. Hammertime

    Raising Pigeons for dog training

    Yep JayinMN, that is my intention, with the bird launchers. I ordered some plans and am going to start building one here soon. Where do you get the cages that go off of the front, did you just make your own or did you buy one?
  3. Hammertime

    Raising Pigeons for dog training

    I am seriously giving thought to building a SMALL pigeon coop and raising some homers for off season dog training for my pup. I dont really want to spend $100 or more everytime I want to get her on birds this off season, so I have been looking into the idea of getting some homing pigeons to work her on in the fields near my house. I walk her out there all of the time but there are no wild birds unfortunatley, so this would at least get her going a bit and build more prey drive etc for her, making it more fun for both of us in the off season. She is a GSP. I have had her out hunting 5-6 weekends already this year (she is 9 mos old), and had her professionally trained for 8 weeks. I am thinking of no more than 4-8 birds, but I am looking for any imput on this from people who do it. How difficult is it in the MN winters to keep them watered, etc. How about plans for a small coop? I have found some online but I really dont want anything larger than 4 x 4 in my yard somewhere. Any input is appreciated, including where I can find a good plan for a small coop. thanks.
  4. I am looking for some closer areas to hunt (public) in the North Metro. I have taken my pup out to the starbuck area a couple of times with good results, but my luck on the WMA's around isanti etc. have not been so good. Wondering if anyone knows of or has had much luck within an hour or so from the metro, somewhere to make a good day trip with my pup for some pheasant action! Thanks.
  5. Hammertime

    deer harvest reports ? anyone

    2nd weekend served us much better in zone 176. We were only 1 for 6 the first 3 days of the season with a couple of bucks sighted but not shot at. We had just the 1 good size doe shot the first weekend. The second weekend, only 2 of us were up there. We went 2 for 2, a nice 6 pointer and a spike. Deer were moving much more this weekend that the opener, and it was nice to actually be able to hear something other than wind!
  6. Hammertime

    deer harvest reports ? anyone

    Hunted public land near Giants Ridge in Biwabik, MN. We ended up 1 for 6, pretty poor hunting. The wind was crazy, had me scared to be in a tree with some gusts up to 40 mpg. We got the 1 good sized doe, and had 2 small buck sightings in our group. Saw deer (3 doe total) on the way out both nights but it was after legal shooting time. Talked to other groups of guys I know that hunt in the Iron Range area and they were 3/14, 0/8, and 1/7. Worst that I have heard in a LONG time. Going back up on Thursday and hoping for some improved hunting! That wind will be gone and that should help a lot.
  7. Hammertime

    Grouse hunting dogs?

    german shorthair pointer. Buy one bred to work closer. The liver coated gsps have a smoother coat as upposed to white or ticked. My last was mostly white, terrible shedder, coarse hair. My pup is liver, no shedding at all. i bought her from willow creek kennels in little falls. There is a breeder in hibbing that grouse hunts with his gsps and can train them for that as well. pay for good bloodlines though. my pup was 1000 bucks and i also put her through 2 months of traning. grouse takes a good dog because they are so jumpy but my pup is learning. she has cost me a couple but that is part of the learning experience.
  8. Hammertime

    Looking for local pheasant farms

    I am looking for some local pheasant farms but I wanted to ask to see what else is out there. I am aware of the one in Princeton, Wild Wings of Oneka (Hugo) and than pheasant Ridge in Ogilve. I have tried some online searches but I have not had that much luck. Does anyone know of any other pheasant farms in the North Metro? I want to figure the closest one to where I live (east bethel) to join for my pup. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hammertime

    GSP Pup Pheasant Hunting Question

    I run her in fields around my house, unfortunatley we dont ever find birds. I do this just to exercise her during the week. She works so hard but never finds birds. I will be heading west more on the weekends after deer hunting and I am getting a membership @ pheasant ridge for the winter and spring so that should help. Im assuming that its still a good idea to run her in the fields by my house for exercise even though there are no pheasants or quail (at least yet).
  10. Hammertime

    GSP Pup Pheasant Hunting Question

    I do!
  11. Hammertime

    GSP Pup Pheasant Hunting Question

    Thanks CaptainMusky! That is good to hear. I am heading back out to the fields tomorrow to get her more work!
  12. Hammertime

    GSP Pup Pheasant Hunting Question

    My 9 month old GSP pup is hunting with me this fall. I have a couple of questions. I had her professionally trained for 2 months (bird and gun intro and general yard work) and I had her out on wild birds for the first time last weekend out is Starbuck. As the day wore on, she seemed to get it more and more. When I picked her up at the trainer a few weeks ago he set some quail and pigeons out in the field and she scent pointed every one of them at about 15 to 20 yards. When she gets on a wild pheasant, she gets really birdy and a couple of times the roosters were running and flushed about 100 yds out. She was still within 25 yards of me when they flushed but she was birdy. A couple of times she was birdy for about 200 yards and than she would finally point and I did flush a couple of birds off of her point. My question is, is this normal for her to be birdy and follow a scent until she gets a realy solid scent. I think the birds are running and she is not getting a close scent in those cases where they flushed. this is my first pointing breed so I am not sure what to expect or what to do different. I dont want to whoa here when she is birdy unless she is creeping from a point. Let me know what you think. I am guessing that not every bird is pointed by pointing breeds and that some may flush before the dog points them? I have hunted behind flushers my whole life up to this point.
  13. Hammertime

    Grouse hunting with a GSP Pup

    I have an 8 month old GSP pup that I have had out grouse hunting with me the last 2 weekends. I had her profesionally started, 7 weeks of yard work and bird and gun intro. I picked her up from my trainer a week and a half ago. He showed me some things and she was awesome on quail and pigeons (which she was trained over). Pointed every bird that we planted and held her point real well. All scent points. I bring her out to the grouse trails and she works the trails really well. I shot one without her this weekend when I was checking deer stands, brought it back and let her smell it, than I through it in the woods to see what she would do. I let her back out and she was definatley smelling something in the air, but not pointing. She was really birdy and ran about 5 feet from it and never pointed. She eventually pointed it. This weekend she got really birdy a couple of times and grouse flushed, but she never pointed. She did sight point one that we came across on the trail. I shot that one. My question is what is everyones experience with grouse hunting and GSPs not pointing on scent? I know it is a different kind of hunting but what do i need to do to get her to hunt grouse and point them like she was the quail and pigeons at training? THe next endeavor will be the pheasant fields. She is working the woods by the trail really well, maybe the "switch" just hasnt gone off with her yet? she is still young and I am just trying to get her out there to have fun this season. The positive is tht she does recall and listen well when we are out hunting.
  14. Hammertime

    lets see your dogs

    My Pup Ruby!
  15. Hammertime

    Hunting Pals

    Off topic question, but how do you insert photos?