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  1. I'd take a look at Tip Downs like B-man mentioned. The last couple ice seasons I've been using them quite a bit while crappie fishing. I hole hop a lot so a tip down is the best way for me to keep an eye on and utilize my second line without having to be sitting next to it.
  2. The description for the soft pack case pictured says it fits Vexilar Pro & Ultra packs as well as Humminbird flashers. So it should fit. They also make a square soft pack that fits vex genz pack and marCums
  3. Walleye, Crappie, and channel cats if they're present in the body of water I'm fishing. I've incidentally caught other species at night but not too often. These seem to be the 3 that cooperate at night for me.
  4. How long does the ice season typically last up that way? What type of tactics and baits do you normally use for these char/trout?
  5. The Cannon river has a variety of redhorse and suckers. I haven't been down there this year, but used to go down there in March/April every once in awhile. Toss out a simple slip sinker rig with a piece of crawler and you should find some.
  6. No limit restrictions once the lake is opened to Liberalized fishing. Lakes are usually only open to liberalized fishing for a week or so. Check out this link for the current list of lakes opened to promiscuous fishing and the rules that go along with it. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fishing/liberalized/index.html
  7. Fishing bluegills down on Clear lake near Montgomery a few years ago we caught some here and there. They were a blast to catch on a panfish rod and were taking little jigs tipped with spikes. That day people around us were catching them too and seen a few people just throw them on the ice. I picked them up before we left and brought them to a guy I know that likes them. Not sure if it was just a fluke or what. That's the only time I caught them thru the ice. Most places I ice fish they're not present though except the Croix, but haven't iced any out there this year. Pokegama and Cross lakes by pine city have good numbers in their surveys. The Faribault area lakes all seem to have higher populations of drum also.Maybe people that frequent those lakes run into them at times.
  8. Flaco651

    Open Water

    Yep no need to wish and dream. Walleye n Sauger are being caught on pool 4 right now if your in need of an open water fix.
  9. Curry tonight- 33pts. 15 ast. Good job David Kahn... good job
  10. Nice win against a good team. Gonna be a tough one with the Trail Blazers in the back to back.
  11. What a finish to tonight's game! Really a fun one to watch. Usually the wolves are on the losing end of those close ones. Wouldn't have even been close if Curry was in a wolves uniform!
  12. Even the following year when wolves took Wes Johnson at 4th overall. The next pick was DeMarcus Cousins and the 10th was Paul George.
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