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  1. goose89

    How Many Hours is to Many on an E-tec ?

    Simple number of engine hours never has meant that much to me...paper work /proof of maintenance and a quick look at a guys truck and garage will tell me much more than a simple number of hours a motor had been running....low hours on a several year old boat are way more worrisome to me than 100 hrs per year on a well maintained me a 7 yr old engine with 50-100 hrs on it and I'll show you how fast I can still run.
  2. goose89

    Rod Holders

    I put my Folbes in my ProV...not sure why you couldn't go with any brand you wanted. btw, why'd you drop the "hiskey" off you handle??
  3. goose89

    E-Z Loader bunk trailer under new skeeter

    I loved my Skeeter / EZ Loader was a "heavy" swing with the break-away, but I'd rather have that than loose and sloppy. Very stong feeling to me. Also loved the no maintenance Vault hubs. I'm glad I didn't get the "tough" coating...wasn't an option yet...I'd be concerned with unseen rusting going on underneath the inevitable holes and chips....gonna trap salt, grit and water under the liner I'd think... I did put 3M Rock Tape on leading edges of my painted trailer...helped tons with rock chips...only way to avoid them 100% is galvanized trailer...which I have not with new rig, but will miss the Vault oil bath hubs.
  4. goose89

    Thanks Gander...

    First time a heard then have a wanted item in stock....maybe they're stepping up a bit? Last straw for me was clerk, and manager's "inability" to use two separate gift cards from Pheasants Forever /gander promo......they said I could come back next day and use the other one.....Lol....instead of possibly winning a customer back, they solidified my disdain...kudos to them on having the yuppie outdoors market corner ed d, though. Shame on me for being slow to learn the mom and pop shops are only place you can expect customer service and common sense.
  5. goose89

    Yamaha Oil Problem

    Good advice on the Ring Free....I'd still watch your oil level until I knew it wasn't making oil....if that much crud came out during shock treatment, that suggests a lot of low RPM /trolling hours....if motor not broke in well (rings not seated well) it easily could have been allowing uhh unburned gas get into crank case, as well as building carbon...incorrectly broken in motor, low RPM hours and untreated gas are a recipe for issues....good luck
  6. goose89

    Yamaha Oil Problem

    Sounds like it "making oil". If that's the case, it's not completely burning the gas and it's "leaking" around the rings and into the crankcase. Google it. Lot's of info out there. Common problem on 4 strokes that are / weren't broke in correctly and / or are running "cool" (bad thermostat). Can be "fixed" / corrected. Common issue in Merc Verado's....I know, I just got one ; )
  7. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    I do...Actually had three guys respond. I'll get you contact for first and cheapest sent.
  8. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    I put a request on W.C. and found a guy that'll ship a Lowrance puck that no longer works to me for $10...cheapest way, looks natural, and can be used in future...I could get you in touch with him if interested..member site they are very reputable and trustworthy
  9. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    I put a request and found a guy that'll ship a Lowrance puck that no longer works to me for $10...cheapest way, looks natural, and can be used in future. [Please Read Forum Policy Before Posting Again, Thank You]
  10. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    Wow!...looks like a fun project....send pics of finished product....Good luck!
  11. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    I'd ask around....find one that's burned out...I might even buy'll spend more getting it to look decent than buying wants to buy / fix an unsightly patch job/ hole...I'd find a used / burned out puck ideally and seriously contemplate a new one...and rationalize price with future sale of boat...
  12. When you say their price was "way high", are you comparing apples to apples?? They have a low price guarantee, and have always been known for the best price around. Too bad you didn't mention you could buy it from Dealer X with this and that optioins...I guarentee they would have beat that price. I believe there service would be worth paying more for, but that's not how they operate...You are THE first person I've ever heard say SBC's price higher than others. Three miles down the road?!?! That's worth something right there. Nice thing about them, if you have issues and need service and have troubles with original dealer, they'll take care of you..I know of Skeeter owners from out of state that had problems with their dealers / service that SBC happily took care of....Enjoy the mx...good choice with motors!
  13. goose89

    GPS Puck Removal Question

    Keep the Lowrance puck there...You or next boat owner may use i(hole) again in future if they use different units or you get new unit(s) with external puck...The puck looks like it belongs there and will keep water out of hole better than a grommet of sorts...Any plug, besides bringing it in to a professional fiberglass repair outfit will look out of place....KISS.
  14. My advice, go to Skeeter Boat Center in either Eau Claire or Ramsey. Explain to them what you're looking for and take each for a spin. Skeeter's may not be Rangers, but SBC' customer service is second to none! I love my new Lund Pro V, but I really miss the customer service I had a SBC...My next boat will likely be from them again...Even if the Stratos measured up to a comparable Skeeter for less $$, I'd go Skeeter via SBC simply for the customer service. They will make sure you are happy with your new rig. btw, the Stratos doesn't measure up to the Skeeter...I've got friend with a Stratos...nice enough boat, but it's cheaper for a reason. Good luck and happy boat hunting!
  15. My only advice, if you go with the 1900, max it out. Had an 1850, similar, yet slightly different hulls. Could only put a 150 on it. Both of those hulls need a 200, IMO, and the 1900 will accept it. Good luck